Comment | What I would like to do in Milan on the weekend of November 12-14

If the cold arrives, Milan responds. And it does so with festivals, meetings and numerous events not to be missed.

On the coming weekend my first choice is the Holis Week, the week dedicated to wellness and the holistic arts with yoga lessons and meditation meetings. Without forgetting the tarot reading and astrology, because understanding what will happen to your zodiac sign is never a wrong choice.

I would then head to via Bergognone da Base to discover the new edition of IF !, the Festival of creativity which this year includes more than 50 appointments including interviews, meetings and debates with more than 100 Italian and international speakers. A unique opportunity for celebrate the value of creativity in communication, so important but not for this (alas) so widespread.

In the end, I would listen to one of the beautiful concerts of the Philharmonic in Municipio 6, between the districts of Bisceglie, Lorenteggio, Barona and Giambellino. There is nothing more beautiful than letting the melodies of chamber music enter the libraries and theaters of the neighborhood. Seeing is believing.


Comment Milan weekend November

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