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Who has seen it: the Russian girl who is looking for her mom on TV is Denise Pipitone?

Who has seen it: the Russian girl who is looking for her mom on TV is Denise Pipitone?
Who has seen it: the Russian girl who is looking for her mom on TV is Denise Pipitone?

Denise Pipitone is alive and in Russia: the suggestion circulates on the net after the photos of a Russian girl, orphan, who are looking for her real mother have been released. What is striking is the similarity between her and Piera Maggio, Denise Pipitone’s mother, who died in Sicily in 2004.

The search for Denise Pipitone could be reopened, who disappeared into thin air when she was only 4 years old in 2004. The Rai program “Who Has Seen It” announced that in the episode of March 31st it will offer a report on the affair, showing the testimony of a girl who intervened on Russian TV to find his real mother.

The young woman, who was the guest of an afternoon talk show on the Russian broadcaster Perviy Kanal, looks like Piera Maggio, the mother of the little girl. Denise Pipitone, of which traces have been lost over sixteen years ago.

The host introduces her by saying that it was the young woman herself who wrote to the show, telling her story.

The girl, who was given the invented name Olesya Rostova, grew up in an orphanage after being stolen from a gypsy begging near a train station on the outskirts of Moscow.

The police at the time determined that the gypsy had kidnapped the child from an orphanage and had no document of the child.

“Mom, I have never forgotten you. I looked for you and I was given the chance to find you. I am here, I am alive and I want to know and I want to find you.” – the words spoken by the girl in tears in front of the cameras.

The analogy between Olesya and Denis Pipitone

The young Olesya was then adopted by a couple with whom she still lives: the woman who fostered little Denise explained that in the orphanage many parents rejected her because she had a scar above her eyelashes. During the show, Olesya revealed that as a child she often dreamed of a woman.

  • The age of the young Olesya is 20, determined with a test on the bones of the hands
  • The same age Denise Pipitone would have today

The disappearance of Denis Pipitone

There has been no news of little Denise since 2004, who disappeared into thin air from the city of Mazara del Vallo, in the Trapani area, at the age of 4.

On the morning of September 1, a quarter of an hour before noon, Denise was playing in the street adjacent to her maternal aunt’s house, a few meters from her grandmother who was preparing lunch in the kitchen.

The aunt appears on the street to call the children to the table, but the little one is left alone in the very quiet Via La Bruna. It was the last time anyone saw her.

To track the missing child, the investigators followed all possible roads, following the initial track of the abduction of the nomads, trying to respond to the desperate appeal of the mother of little Piera Maggio.


A gypsy asks for alms in Moscow

The track of the nomads

Initially, following the countless reports on TV on broadcasts such as Who has seen it, there was a report from a security guard in Milan who claimed to have seen a girl very similar to Denise together with a group of nomads.

The information reported by the man had been confirmed by the surveillance cameras of a bank, which showed a girl presumably of the same age, asking an adult “where are you taking me?” and that she was called Danas, a possible distortion of the name Denise.

But the group of nomads disappear without a trace, leaving the investigators groping in the dark.

Jessica’s investigations and acquittal

Desperate, the mother reveals an unspoken truth that could have to do with the disappearance of the child, namely that Denise is not the daughter of Toni Pipitone, but of an extramarital affair of the Maggio with the husband of her friend Anna Corona, Piero Pulizzi.

Denise’s birth destroys the family of Piero and Anna, who separate despite their two daughters, Jessica and Alice. The girls take it out on Piera Maggio for the end of the relationship between their parents. Hence a possible motive for Denise’s disappearance: revenge.

The hatred of 17-year-old Jessica and her mother towards Maggio is in the public domain, because on several occasions the quarrels and insults between the three women took place in the public square. But if Anna Corona has an iron alibi, because she was at work when Denise disappeared, the girl’s position remains suspect.

The turning point in the investigation comes after an interception in which Jessica would reveal to her younger sister that Denise would have been killed by her mother. Investigators consider the interception insufficient to indict Anna Corona and Jessica ends up on trial, risking 15 years.

Pulizzi, father of the defendant and the victim, forms a civil party against his daughter, but despite the twists and turns, the trial ends with the acquittal of the girl for not having committed the crime. The wiretapping, the only evidence against him, is too general and incomprehensible.

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