Alfa Romeo Alfasud is electric reborn thanks to a project by an English engineer

Alfa Romeo Alfasud is electric reborn thanks to a project by an English engineer
Alfa Romeo Alfasud is electric reborn thanks to a project by an English engineer

The future of Alfa Romeo it is in the sign of electrification as we well know. While waiting for the first battery-powered model to debut in 2024, it arrives from the UK a curious electric conversion project of a famous model from the past of the Italian brand. Sean Fosberry, an English engineer, took an old woman Alfa Romeo Alfasud and turned it into an electric model. Fosberry did all the work on his own, making this project a real personal achievement. Everything was then told in a Twitter account dedicated to his car.

Alfa Romeo Alfasud, it is recalled, is a model that in the past had a great commercial success, so much so that it is still the best-selling Alfa Romeo car today. However, this model is also remembered for its many problems, including the rust formation on the bodywork. Fosberry had bought the car in 1994 from a friend. Already then the car underwent some modifications.

Instead of the original 1.2-liter boxer engine came a more powerful 1.5-liter unit. Subsequently, the Englishman also installed the Quadrifoglio carburetor kit. But in 1998, the car was put in the garage for a series of repairs. The biggest problem, as mentioned above, was the problem of rust formation. The to-do list, however, was very long, which is why the vehicle stood still for a full 15 years.

At that point, Fosberry decided it was time to carry out a proper restoration of his Alfa Romeo Alfasud. However, finding the necessary parts for this job was not easy and took a very long time. In 2019, the Englishman completed the bodywork restoration process and decided that the car should be reborn electric. A very long and complex job which lasted 18 months.

The engineer replaced the boxer engine with a Hyper 9 unit manufactured by NetGain capable of delivering approximately 110 kW with over 200 Nm of torque. Battery it is 24 kWh and comes from an old Nissan Leaf. The charger allows you to refuel the car with alternating current up to 6.6 kW. The autonomy reaches about 60 miles, that is just under 100 km. To penalize the mileage is the fact that the car has one transmission of an Alfa 33 4×4 from 1994. This means that the electric Alfa Romeo Alfasud can count on all-wheel drive.

Overall, for all this work, Fosberry has invested over 10 thousand pounds, that is over 11 thousand euros. The changes may not be over here since there would be the intention to insert the 40 kWh battery pack of the current Nissan Leaf to have more autonomy.

The British engineer has made it known that he has no intention of selling his creation.


Alfa Romeo Alfasud electric reborn project English engineer

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