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“One like this”, “I go”: Furious Bassetti leaves the studio

“One like this”, “I go”: Furious Bassetti leaves the studio
“One like this”, “I go”: Furious Bassetti leaves the studio

The last episode of A clean sweep, a program hosted by Corrado Formigli broadcast on La7, was full of verbal clashes. An inevitable scenario given the parterre of guests, fed by no vaxes and Covid deniers.

In the studio he was present Alberto Contri, member of the “no Green pass committee” while in connection there was the jurist Ugo Mattei, which stood out for its unique positions against Covid. Always in connection, as a counterpart, there was also Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious disease department at the San Martino hospital in Genoa.

The first to attack is Contri, who confidently affirms: “We will never get out of it. The Swedish and English approach is to circulate the coronavirus on purpose among children who get little sick and acquire a natural immunity much stronger than vaccines“. Subsequently the virologist Bassetti attacks and insinuates, with tones that are anything but respectful:”I would like to ask one thing, you have been saying a lot of lies over the past few months, saying that the vaccine is not experimental. He also says since 1980 we have been studying mRna, but the mRna vaccine has existed since 2020. E – Contri continues – again: do you have a conflict of interest with Pfizer? Are you on the scientific committee of that group and 11 other companies? If you are a propagandist of only one drug, there is something wrong …“, concludes the member of the no green pass committee.

In a decisive but respectful manner, Bassetti replies not hiding his relationships: “I have relationships with many groups in the antibiotics sector. I have never participated in an advisory board for any of the vaccines: I hope it is definitively clarified, and everything is regulated by precise laws, by Italian and international law.“. At this point Mattei also enters the debate who, in addition to insulting the head physician, accuses him of advertising himself:”I mean really … even the publicity of how good Bassetti is. This is a gentleman who has changed his profession, he goes on television to be a propagandist of a certain line, he takes us by the c **“.

Since there is no way to talk with the two, Bassetti decides to take off his headphones, say goodbye and leave the studio: “I greet you, thank you and goodbye“. Mattei’s reply is ready and comments:”We’ve sent one away, so it’s starting to get better“A response that forced Formigli to send the jurist away as well.


Furious Bassetti leaves studio

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