The outbreak of 12 Coronavirus positive Milanese policemen after a party

A festive dinner for a colleague close to retirement brings a Coronavirus outbreak among the agents of the local police in Milan. The agents, all vaccinated, are not in serious condition but are in solitary confinement. Their offices and vehicles have been sanitized. Il Giorno tells that the outbreak developed among the cast iron of the Decentralized Command 1. Ten of the infected are on duty in Piazza Beccaria and two in Piazza XXV Aprile. However, there are four other positive cases in the other locations. This is why the Sulpm union yesterday asked commander Marco Ciacci to map the epidemic inside the body. “The increase in infections – wrote the secretary of Sulpm Daniele Vincini yesterday – brings out what was previously requested in the trade union tables by this union organization, that is, the need to subject all local police operators to constant and continuous screening” . And again: according to the union, the Green pass “is producing the opposite effect compared to that desired by the legislator, that is, transmitting a sense of security among the vaccinated, which can cause a boomerang effect given by the mistaken belief that they are immune to the virus, rather than being truly an element of guarantee and safety ». This is why the union is asking for sanitation and screening.

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outbreak Coronavirus positive Milanese policemen party

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