“Vaccines and more attention, so Lombardy will remain in the white zone” – Corriere.it

“Vaccines and more attention, so Lombardy will remain in the white zone” – Corriere.it
“Vaccines and more attention, so Lombardy will remain in the white zone” – Corriere.it

There is only one recipe against passing into the yellow zone: push on the third dose. The president of Lombardy is convinced of this Attilio Fontana. Who embraces the choice of the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese on the no pass processions, unlike Matteo Salvini, but denies that there is a line of Northern League governors different from that of their leader. Meanwhile, the outbreak that emerged in the offices of the local police in Piazza Beccaria becomes a coincidence: at least 12 agents tested positive after the party for a retired colleague.

President Fontana, we have entered the fourth wave. Lombardy is holding on for now, having over 91% of over 12 vaccinated. Will it be enough?
«I believe we should never stop in defense: my invitation is to be careful. Not frightened, but beware ».

For now, 807 thousand Lombards have requested the third dose out of an audience of 1.7 million. He is concerned?
“Worried no, but we have to convince them: there is no great enthusiasm compared to what we saw with the first vaccination. Perhaps the fear has faded a little, we have forgotten what we have experienced a little. We will be calm only when we have done the third dose: because it is the only one that offers years of immunization ».

From the beginning of November, the rise in infections, positivity rate and incidence is added to that of ordinary hospitalizations. Are you afraid of a passage in the yellow zone?
“I hope not. I believe that if the unvaccinated will get vaccinated and whoever has to take the third dose will do it, Lombardy will be able to remain in the white zone. The infections have risen, but in a still contained way, more than in the rest of Europe and a large part of Italy “.

Lockdown in Austria only for the unvaccinated: would you approve of a similar choice?
«From the point of view of opportunity, the answer could be ‘yes’, from the point of view of social tension it would leave me a bit perplexed».

Extension of the state of emergency and the obligation of green pass for workers: would you agree?
“I am always respectful of what science says.”

Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese has imposed a squeeze on the no green pass parades. You said they cause health and economic damage. Do you agree with the minister then?
“On the one hand, we must try to allow people to express their dissent, and on the other hand to give rules that determine the least amount of damage possible.”

Its leader Matteo Salvini thinks differently. He said that “if we ban demonstrations because we are unable to enforce the rules, the minister does not know how to do his job.”
“Here, however, it is not prevented: it is regulated.”

After the federal council there is an armed truce between Salvini and Giorgetti. Will last?
“There is no respite because there has been no battle. During the federal council we spoke, discussed, expressed ideas and proposals ».

But in the League there is a moderate wing, pro-European and pro-PPE, and a sovereign, pro Orbán and often opposed to the government. She feels more at home in the first one, right?
«I feel at home alone in the League. The rest is part of the dialectic that when it concerns the left it is defined as an enrichment ».

Is the line of governors different from Salvini’s?
“There is no line of governors. Ours is simply a line of pragmatism. But there is no political line against or for it. We carry out another task: to try to solve citizens’ problems ».

Do you think a congress is necessary for the party?
“I don’t know and I don’t think so. Salvini anticipated the provincial congresses, then he will evaluate if there will be this need ».

Will you reapply for the regional in 2023?
“At this moment I still have the worry of dedicating myself to the fight against Covid. When things calm down, I’ll be able to think about myself. ”

At the Quirinale Silvio Berlusconi or Mario Draghi (so we go to early elections)?
«They are two personalities of great ability and depth, but today they are premature hypotheses. Draghi must continue to work for the country: that’s what we need ».

The discussion in the regional council on health care reform has begun, according to the «armored» opposition.
«The law was prepared after more than 300 hearings. We have accepted proposals, starting with those of Anci. Seriousness is always well valued, demagogy never ».

Competition bill: Europe was asking us, but taxi drivers promise battle. Was it right to proceed?
“It is right for this country to grow old and simplify, and for it to have the courage to face reforms that should have allowed us to join the ranks of the most advanced nations”.

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