“These idiots of INPS accepted us”

“These idiots of INPS accepted us”
“These idiots of INPS accepted us”

Characteristic of the criminal group was “the extreme professionalism to commit a crime”. Not only did he prove to be «capable of insinuating himself into the meshes of the bureaucracy aimed at preparing the practices of Basic income and emergency “, writes the investigating judge Teresa De Pascale, planning a” business inextricably linked to the knowledge of procedural quibbles “. But they also made a mockery of the entity they cheated: “Sti co … oni dell ‘Inps they accepted the Romanians’ questions », one of the leaders of the organization wrote in an intercepted chat.

Citizenship income, fair offer if I work less than 80 km from the residence

Sixteen people were arrested yesterday for the gigantic scam against the National Insurance Institute, all Romanians except one Italian. They forwarded 6,000 income applications in favor of as many ghost Romanian citizens, who did not qualify to obtain subsidies, unduly collecting 14.6 million euros, with a potential economic damage to the state of over 60 million. Only the intervention of the judicial authority allowed the immediate revocation by INPS of the measures already approved, with the blocking of payments. “To better delineate the extent of the criminal phenomenon – underlines the judge – consider that, against an average monthly payment of 500 euros, the contribution paid in just one month referring to the 6,000 applications is equal to three million euros”. The scam at the center of the investigation by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office coordinated by the prosecutor Paolo Storari revolves around Nova Servizi, a company with registered office in the city center that operates in agreement with both the Patronato Sias and the Caf Mcl (Christian Workers Movement), the whose partners and creators of the maxi scam against INPS are Oscar Nicoli and Njazi Toshkesi. They presented themselves to the Cafs with packages of citizenship income requests made out to people originally from Romania “who, contrary to what has been declared, do not appear to have ever lived in Milan or even in Italy. Most of them “own exclusively a tax code assigned only a few days before the application was submitted” for the subsidy and also “do not have the requirement that they have resided in our country for at least ten years”.

Basically, it was claimed that thousands of Romanians lived permanently in Italy even though they never set foot there. In some cases those who worked in the Cafes were aware of the scam and kept silent pocketing the fee of ten euros per file, those who rebelled were convinced by threats. The investigations have reconstructed the map of the scam with fictitious residences all in the same buildings in Milan: 518 people declared that they live in a condominium in Piazza Selinunte, 287 in Via degli Apuli at the same street number and 212 in a house in Viale Aretusa at the same Street address. Another anomaly revealed in the bogus applications is the tax code assigned in record time, in addition to the fact that in the list of recipients there are people who should not even have opened the case. Among the striking cases stand out that of a man who “at the time of submitting the application was burdened by an arrest order” and of a woman “deceased, victim of a murder in September 2013”. Whoever collected the money could not resist the temptation of the final scar, flaunting the wads of banknotes on social networks. Like Izabela Stelika, 33, who ended up in a cell. In his video on Tik Tok he is in bed, under the covers, while spreading the banknotes collected through an “illicit profit to the detriment of the community – reads the ordinance – relying on a branched network of compliant relationships, on tested methods, on an operational base in the Cafes and on the intimidating capacity of the group ». The Northern League governors stigmatize: “The refinancing of citizenship income not only commits resources on a welfare choice, but further exposes the country to millionaire scams hatched by criminal organizations”.



idiots INPS accepted

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