appraisers of condominiums ready to enter

Entering the Torre dei Moro, the 18-storey building that last August 29 had caught fire, fortunately without any injuries or deaths, to assess the damage suffered by the houses, take photos and elaborate estimates to indicate in the claims for compensation damage. This is what the insurance experts and technical consultants of the condominiums will do in the coming days, accompanied by the firefighters.

This next step was announced by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, ensuring the possibility for the residents’ experts to access the building destroyed by flames and currently under seizure. On the afternoon of Thursday 11 November, the prosecutor Marina Petruzzella, who coordinates the investigations with the adjunct Tiziana Siciliano, met more than twenty lawyers in the Prosecutor’s Office, including the lawyer Alessandro Keller, appointed at the end of September by the condominium assembly, the lawyers of the Fornari and Dominioni firms and, among others, also the lawyers Solange Marchignoli and Luca D’Auria.

What remains of the tower after the stake

During the comparison, a general timetable was drawn up to allow access to the Tower for experts and consultants of the parties to carry out checks that are useful above all for the purposes of requests for compensation. As part of the investigations to understand how it was possible that the entire Torre dei Moro was transformed into a torch due to a fire, some searches had been carried out in the offices of Aza Aghito Zambonini in Fiorenzuola, in the province of Piacenza, and in a company in Osimo, in the province of Ancona.


appraisers condominiums ready enter

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