“At the end of the year the situation will be better” – Corriere.it

“At the end of the year the situation will be better” – Corriere.it
“At the end of the year the situation will be better” – Corriere.it

Sabrina Alfonsi, 55, new head of the Environment, in the face of the waste that continues to accumulate around the bins, believes that the reasons for the real crisis of these days must be sought in the lack of adequate outlets.

Councilor, the mayor has bet to clean up the city by Christmas, but if a thousand tons of waste a week (increasing) remain on the ground, the plan risks failing, turning into a boomerang: how do you plan to keep your promises?
When the agreements with Mantua for 360 tons of waste per day and with Tuscany for another 170 tons between Fos (stable organic fraction) and processing waste will start, at 31 December we will be able to have a better situation than the current one. I do not want to make promises, but the path that has now started with 40 million in the budget, 32.3 of existing resources and 7.7 of additional funds. Over the next few years, we want to ensure continuity with adequate funding.

The structural problems of Ama, between staff shortages and stationary means in the warehouses, fail to guarantee the enhancement of the desired service: are you considering the possibility of outsourcing some activities?
Other subjects are already involved in the collection, as part of the extraordinary plan, for example the companies of the Simu.

Could you also involve Multiservizi to support the plan, which Ama alone cannot support?
We will evaluate the opportunity to re-insert it among the collaborations with Ama.

The unions are asking for an agreement to define overtime and on-call shifts.
As soon as the new management has taken office, we will immediately convene the unions. Once the CEO has been appointed, our goal is to decentralize Ama which, in a year’s time, could be included in the new service contract: fifteen officials in the territories who put them in contact with the company to agree on the methods of collection and verification.

Rome suffers severe delays in the construction of plants that would guarantee its self-sufficiency. On the contrary, the export of waste, in addition to weighing on Tari, represents an element of fragility for the entire system: how are you oriented?
We await the settlement of the company and the change of management. The new sole director (Angelo Piazza, ed) make a call soon to identify the general manager and we will return to a board of three. We are looking for profiles of the highest level for the drafting of the new industrial plan, which will be our beacon to understand which systems we need. In the meantime, we are already working to hook up the resources of the NRP destined for treatment plants.

Among the options, are you also evaluating the waste-to-energy plant?
No, because it is not foreseen in the regional plan or in the mayor’s programmatic guidelines. In the meantime, the conference of services for the strengthening of San Vittore goes on.

Separate collection, standing at 45 percent, represents another critical issue: how do you expect to achieve the goals you have set, above 50 percent in the first two years and over 65 at the end of the council?
The collection must be completely reprogrammed by placing the intelligent bins alongside the door to door with the precise calculation of the tariff and the underground ones that are also compactors.

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