Distract the males. The protest is triggered

Distract the males. The protest is triggered
Distract the males. The protest is triggered

A physical education teacher at the Marco Polo Art High School forbids the sports top to “not distract the males”. The girls reply by showing up to school with only that garment.

The gym teacher prohibits girls from taking lessons dressed in a sporty top in order not to attract attention and not to distract the male companions. The facts took place at Marco Polo State Art School of Venice. A ban that was immediately violated by some of them who – as can also be seen in some images posted by the Collettivo Polo-Las (State Artistic High School) on Instagram – all entered the classroom wearing only that garment to say that they did not I agree with that provision.

The controversy arose following a discussion in the gym last week, says the newspaper La Nuova of Venice and Mestre. “A teacher of physical education – explains Nina Mingardi, of the Polo-Las collective – has scolded some students who had presented themselves in gym wearing a sports top telling them to wear a t-shirt, arguing that the clothing was not suitable for a school context. To the girls who did not have a t-shirt, the teacher made a lesson with a sweatshirt. He also added that if the episode were to repeat itself, he would not hesitate to put one on note on the booklet to disobedient students. The reason? That clothing could have distracting male classmates“.

For this reason the rebellion of the girls:

We will not accept having to cover ourselves for fear that someone might look at us, touch us or whistle at us – they attack the girls of the student collective -. We don’t want to be educated in fear, but in respect. And, to teach respect, showing our forms is exactly what we intend to do: go to the top at school, at the gym and wherever we want. And, if the girls are punished for it, as a collective we are ready to respond. “

The same Polo-Las Collective has been fighting for some time so thatsex education is included among the subjects of study.

In addition to scolding the students, the physical education teacher would then refer to a more general sense of decorum inviting avoid tops and low-cut dresses. And Mingardi replies: “Decoration has nothing to do with clothing. A person is not qualified by his clothes. And in fact our protest goes beyond the discussion with the single teacher. It is a general discourse of mentality, which must change. I want and must feel free to go anywhere, dressed as I please. I have to be free to wear the sports top both during the gym hour and to attend the class at school. Because I’m not my sports top, a shirt or a tight shirt, and there are no clothes to suit one situation or another. The time has come to learn to separate people from the clothes they wear “.


Distract males protest triggered

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