Lancia, Delta and Aurelia return. They will be electric and there will be the battery-powered Ypsilon

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The future of the Lancia range will be closely linked to electrification, as evidenced by the great work linked to the new Y and on cars that will take iconic names such as Delta and Aurelia. In detail, the Turin-based brand will return to selling cars outside Italy in 2024 with three new models, including the fifth generation of the Ypsilon with an all-electric version, a flagship compact crossover and a compact sedan. This is what Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano said during an interview with Automotive News Europe. Lancia will therefore launch a flagship model, a compact crossover that will arrive in 2026 probably called Aurelia, followed by a compact sedan in 2028 that will revive the historic Delta name. Naturally, there will be many points of contact with the French models, starting from modular platforms up to management software. The design of the new models will be supervised by Jean-Pierre Ploue, who has long been in charge of design under the control of the CEO of Stellantis, Carlos Tavares. European sales will begin in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain in 2024 and later in the UK.

Electric Lancia Ypsilon

The new Lancia Ypsilon expected in 2024 will be built on Stellantis’ small car platform and will be the first to have a fully electric powertrain, as well as the latest to adopt an internal combustion engine (a 48-volt mild hybrid). In detail, it will be the STLA Small platform, making its debut on the Ypsilon or alternatively on the new Panda.

Aurelia electric lance

The STLA Small platform will also be used for the future electric Lancia Aurelia, a compact SUV offered exclusively with zero-emission engines. If the name is not yet definitive, the expected arrival date is in 2026. Also in this case the sharing of components with the French brands of the group will be high, confirming Tavares’ strategy of having a long number of models with different brands but made from the same starting point.

New electric Lancia Delta

For the debut of the new electric Lancia Delta we will have to wait until 2028, as confirmed by Napolitano himself. It will be a compact five-door without thermal motorization, able to conquer a more adult audience attentive to premium content and materials.

Lancia, new sales model

The Lancia sales model will also evolve, explained Napolitano: «About half of the brand’s customers will opt for Internet sales in the second part of this decade, reducing the number and size of showrooms needed. I imagine about 100 showrooms in 60 European cities, ”he said, adding that they will not be corners in the showrooms of another brand, but dedicated spaces, albeit with reduced dimensions from 80 to 140 square meters. Like the other brands in the premium cluster of Stellantis (DS and Alfa Romeo), starting from 1 June 2023, Lancia will also switch to a sales agency mandate. According to which the House keeps the inventory until the vehicle is sold by the agent to a final customer. Retail agents receive a lower commission, but their costs are lower as inventory financing and corporate identity are the responsibility of the House. Napolitano did not disclose the commission structure for agents explaining that “Production discussions are still ongoing,” but said that Lancia will have a simplified product offering with pre-set packages of options to optimize production and inventory.

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