“He manifested while he was on sick leave” – ​​Corriere.it

“He manifested while he was on sick leave” – ​​Corriere.it
“He manifested while he was on sick leave” – ​​Corriere.it
from Benedetta Moro

The provision of the Port Work Agency. The former boxer, just recovered from Covid, is not there: I took to the streets during the hours when I was not obliged to stay at home. Now I will say the rosary and I will turn to a lawyer

Officially I was sick, if I took to the streets, I didn’t do it during the hours when I was obliged to stay home for tax visits, I was therefore corrected. He answered like this when there was already the smell of burning around his exits into the square, complete with speeches and megaphone, to protest against the green pass while he was on sick leave, request to the doctor because he is in shock for the blows taken during the disputes at gate 4.

The justifications of the port Fabio Tuiach for were not enough e between yesterday and today not only did he get the last test that certifies his negativity at Covid, of which he had fallen ill due, according to him, to police fire hydrants, but in the mailbox he also found the notice of dismissal.

The former boxer will no longer work for the Trieste Port Labor Agency from tomorrow. the first act that follows the complaint a few weeks ago presented by the president of the company Francesco Mariani precisely to investigate the numerous suspicious positions of workers who remained sick at home right after October 15, the day on which the green pass became mandatory at work .

I know the letter got to someone else. absurd we can’t go on strike, dictatorship. I hope that everything collapses, comments the port, also a former municipal councilor of the Lega and Forza Nuova, who says he has been working in port since he was 18 years old. I just have to pray: also tonight I was in Piazza Unit to do the rosary with a group of ten people.

In addition to his dismissal, he is also accused of the damage to his image: during the protests he was wearing the yellow vest with the name of the company. But Tuiach feels innocent in any case. I showed myself outside during my illness – he reiterates – but in compliance with the timetables, to fight for those rights for which my dad fought in the 70s. They beat up the workers because they don’t want to live with the green pass. Words for are not enough. And in addition to prayers, he will have to find a solution. I have five children – he says -, of a seriously disabled person, I need to work. I’ll go to a lawyer.

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