UN PROFESSORE, previews of the second episode November 18, 2021

UN PROFESSORE, previews of the second episode November 18, 2021
UN PROFESSORE, previews of the second episode November 18, 2021

Thursday 18 November 2021 in the early evening on Rai 1 the second episode of the TV series will be broadcast with Alessandro Gassmann A professor, which also features Claudia Pandolfi in the main cast. Let’s see the advances official of the two planned episodes:

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A professor, episode 3 plot: KANT

Dante explains to the class Kant and the moral law. He sees Anita again and asks her not to tell Manuel about the circumstances in which they met as he never told Simone about it. While Dante meets Cecilia, Aureliano’s mother and representative of the parents, remaining fascinated by her, Manuel finds himself increasingly involved with Sbarra, a small criminal who orders him to sell for him.

A professor, episode 4 plot: PLATO

Dante tries to shake Pin to entice him to leave the house and tells him the myth of Plato’s cave. While he explains love to the class according to the Greek philosopher, Cecilia also attends the lesson who is conquered by it. Manuel receives two assignments from Sbarra: hide a hot car and deal with it. Dante senses that Manuel is getting into trouble and talks about it with Anita, even if it is difficult for him to meet her after the difficult experience that has bound them in the past. For Chicca’s birthday, Manuel throws a party, but then he doesn’t show up because he is with Alice, a woman older than him he has fallen in love with. When Simone receives a photo with her from Manuel, the boy reacts badly …

We remind you of the complete cast:

Alessandro Gassmann, Claudia Pandolfi, Nicolas Maupas, Damiano Gavino, Francesca Colucci, Christiane Filangieri, Elisa Cocco, Luna Miriam Iansante, Simone Casanica, Beatrice De Mei, Davide Divetta, Davide Mirti, Alessio De Lorenzi, Paolo Bessegato, Federica Cifola, Margherita Laterza, Sara Cardinaletti, Andrea Giannini, Lucio Patanè, Giorgio Gobbi, Loris Loddi and with the participation of Paolo Conticini and Pia Engleberth. AND with Francesca Cavallin.

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