what the circular from Minister Lamorgese says

The squeeze on the parades arrives, even officially after days of indiscretions and declarations. The prefects will have to identify “specific sensitive urban areas, of particular interest for the orderly development of community life, which may be subject to a temporary ban on public demonstrations for the duration of the state of emergency, due to the current pandemic situation “. This is what the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, writes in a circular sent in the evening to all the prefects. “The evolution of the phenomenon related to the protest for the emergency measures dictated by Covid 19” makes “the urgent and immediate implementation” of the stop to the demonstrations in the “sensitive areas” of the cities necessary, writes the minister.

Cortei, the close of the Viminale in a circular

The no vax and no green pass demonstrations, he adds, although “representative of the right to express dissent, are however causing high critical issues in terms of public order and safety, as well as on the free exercise of other rights, also guaranteed, such as, in particularly those relating to the performance of work activities and the mobility of citizens, with particularly negative effects in the current phase of gradual recovery of social and economic activities “.

In particular, what is worrying is the “significant level of non-compliance with the contagion prevention provisions” during the processions, such as the prohibition of gatherings, respect for physical distancing and the use of respiratory protection devices, “with the potential danger of increase in infections and therefore for the health of citizens “. Lamorgese stresses that the identification of the areas off-limits to the demonstrations “must take place in compliance with the principle of proportionality” and the Quaestors will adopt “the prohibitions and prescriptions on the conduct of the forewarned demonstrations”.

Furthermore, “where the Quaestors do not see any impeding needs – continues the minister – they will be able to adequately modulate for areas other than sensitive ones” the go-ahead (always respecting the prescriptions of those responsible for public order on places and times) to protest initiatives; the authorization can also arrive bearing in mind “the involvement in the event of a large number of participants”. The police headquarters of the individual cities will also have the task of authorizing demonstrations “in static form instead of dynamic one”, and regulating “suitable routes for preserving crucial urban areas”.

Controversy and new events announced

It is therefore put in black and white that there is also the economic aspect among those taken into consideration. The demonstrations “make us lose 30% of the turnover, unacceptable”, is the alarm cry of the president of Confcommercio Carlo Sangalli. But on social media the debate is lively: according to some, the needs of the traders have had too much weight in justifying the stop of everyone’s marches.

However, the objective of the Ministry of the Interior is twofold: on the one hand to protect the work of traders, on the other hand to avoid an escalation of infections as has already happened in recent weeks in Trieste. Obviously, the possibility of demonstrating guaranteed by the Constitution will also be protected: from now on, however, the organizers will have to agree with the Prefects on the places and methods of the protests. In short, from next weekend we change.

No green pass: because the Interior Ministry has decided to close the parades

There is no galaxy No green pass. According to Stefano Puzzer, port docker in charge of the protest in Trieste, “all restrictions on people’s freedoms are wrong. We will find out if these directives are legitimate”. If they are, he adds, “we will respect them, otherwise we will oppose them by legal means”. Marco Liccione, spokesman for the ‘Variante Torinese’ movement that has been organizing the protests in Piazza Castello for weeks, argues that “they cannot forbid us from demonstrating. We will read the circular and, for the sake of the people joining the event and out of respect for the traders, we will evaluate for Saturday to change meeting place “.

If there were concrete evidence of destabilization maneuvers underlying the no-vax marches, as some hypothesize, “it is not enough that the Interior Ministry prescribes them to be moved out of historic centers. We need to do something else, of course – notes the journalist on Twitter Vitalba Azzolini – And in any case, “proven” reasons are needed, says the Constitution “. In short, a circular sent but an open debate.

From the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini comes another attack on Lamorgese: “If we ban the demonstrations because we are unable to enforce the rules, then the minister does not know how to do his job”. For Saturday 13 November, parades are announced in various cities, including Padua (by car) to circumvent the new rules.

Minister Lamorgese’s circular on the parades (in pdf)

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