Vale Lp and Karakaz eliminated, judges on “tilt”

Vale Lp and Karakaz eliminated, judges on “tilt”
Vale Lp and Karakaz eliminated, judges on “tilt”

X Factor 2021, third live: Vale Lp and Karakaz eliminated, judges at the tilt, they prefer to let the public choose who to send away. Save instead Nika Paris and Le Endrigo, who have played all out in the ballot. In the episode of Thursday evening change of program on voting methods. its the news minute by minute.

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00.09 The third Live di X factor ends here, appointment next Thursday with the live broadcast of Thanks for being with us

00.06 THE competitor who leaves X Factor 2021 are the Karakaz

00.05 The televoting of the first tilt of X Factor 2021 closed

00.00 Emma eliminates Le Endrigo, as a gesture of sportsmanship Hell Raton eliminates the Karakaz. The choices of Mika and Manuel are not conclusive, we go haywire

23.58 The judges will choose who to eliminate between Le Endrigo and Karakaz

23.58 LP is eliminated

23.57 Si salva: Nika Paris

23.55 Tersigni closes the televoting by mistake before listening to the opinion of the judges

23.45 The singers in the ballot perform with their warhorses

23.40 They end up in the ballot: Nika Paris and Karakaz

23.39 They are saved: Gianmaria, Erio and the Mutonia

23.38 Televoting closed

23.31 Emma: «If I had a strategy I would have to kill you by finding a nit, but I’m not like that. I don’t want to be repetitive but I still see a great interpreter ». Mika: «» He is one who puts himself on stage is never 2d. Your particularity is the fourth dimension. You kept your magic, but the chorus was a little too elaborate. Tonight you seemed out of tune but never lose your poem. ” Hell Raton: «For me you are very poetic, words are not enough – music speaks». Agnelli: “You sing yourself through Lana del rey, Mika doesn’t say stupid things, we’ll take that into account”

23.23 Last competitor Erio, who sings the refined “The greatest” by Lana Del Rey

23.23 Agnelli: “I like your formula but I don’t like this piece”. Emma: «Anyone who wants to do this genre needs these musicians». Mika: “Finally I have the impression that there is a group that is forming, you are much more credible, I will not buy a ticket for you yet”. Manuelito: “I’m happy that Mika pointed out that the band is forming, you split as promised”

23.19 Ai Karakaz “Feel Good Inc.” (Gorillaz)

23.14 Mika: “Here is an X Factor competitor who is cool”, Manuelito: “You surprised me”, Agnelli: “these pieces have a strength apart from the content, you are not an adult like them and yet you have that thing there you have it. Are you able to express a certain malaise that turns into a force, you transform the malaise into well-being and this is emnusica “

11.11 gIANMARIA sings “I am fine” by CCCP

23.06 Hell: «Nika, you have courage to spare», Agnelli: «You are an innate talent for performances, I prefer you in French but I like how you are putting yourself on the line». Emma: «Nika is one of the few who is taking risks, being fragile does not mean being weak. To be fragile on stage to show your side you need courage and besides having talent you have a lot of cazzimma ». Mika: “This environment changes our talents a lot, you are resistant while remaining fragile, a fragment of light is enough to know that you are much more, let’s move on”

23.03 For Nika Paris, the intense and melancholy “Lonely” by Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco

22.52 Emma: «This is paracul rock». Mika: «Your staging is beautiful, the song is not. It’s all construction and this sucks ». Sparks between Manuelito and the Mutonia

22.47 the song chosen is “Sports” by Viagra Boys

22.46 Mutonia opens the second heat

22.43 At the ballot tonight: Vale Lp and Le Endrigo

22.42 Salvi: Baltimore, Fellow, Bengala Fire and Vesailles

22.41 The televoting of the first heat is closed

22.35 Guest of the third Live Gazzelle, undisputed protagonist of the new Italian music scene and one of the most important contemporary songwriters, who with his songs is able to get straight to the hearts of the listeners. In just 5 years of career he has collected over 800 million streaming, hundreds of concerts throughout Italy and numerous sold out in the arenas. Multi-platinum artist with 19 platinum discs and 28 gold discs, he continues to collect certifications including platinum for his latest record “OK” and quadruple platinum for the single “Destri”. On stage, Gazzelle will preview her new single “Fottuta Canzone”. Fresh from the success of the summer tour, he is ready to return live in sports halls all over Italy starting from January 15th.

22.29 Agnelli: “I really liked you so much.” Emma: «It breaks my soul, this for me means taking risks». Mika: «Great voice with very weak personalities, but now you are working really well and if you were proposed for a duet I would choose you in a hurry». Hell: “I said that Edo went unnoticed not disappeared, now he’s back”

10:23 PM Baltimore sings Adele’s “Turning Tables”

22.20 Mika: “It’s no secret that you were one of the band I hated, this time I really liked you”. Manuel Agnelli: “You made a first episode in your underwear with a singolone paracul, the second with Raffaella Carrà and now you are here and you have done a piece very well, because you are a real band, but I want to understand who you are”. Emma: «The Endrigo are all this, In the album economy, for those who make albums … the nice thing is that they played their instruments on stage and bring back a song by such a powerful songwriter and keep that poetry .. .. chapeaux “

22.18 another intense piece for Le Endrigo that propose “Certi men” by Francesco Bianconi

22.08 For Bengala Fire Manuel Agnelli has chosen an unedited version of “Making Plans for Nigel” by XTC

21.59 Manuel: «Out of here it will be much worse, in here it’s child’s play. To make a dish the ingredients are not enough, you need to know how to cook them otherwise it’s like cooking mussels with Nutella. You copy and paste many things, for me it is not innovation to do Nirvana with autotune, you seem not to have the roots to sing and play what you are doing. From the auditions to today from an interesting formula, now only a formula remains ». Emma: “Either you give everything or you always give nothing.” Mika: «You have a beautiful sensitivity, but there is a problem: it is as if you have such a great aesthetic concern that it makes the performance superficial and not to the heart». Manuelito: «To say that you don’t feel emotion when there is an audience cheering is a personal opinion. Confusing the public at home so it remains a personal opinion “

21.56 At Versailles Hell raton has assigned a special mash up that distinguishes it with “In Bloom” (Nirvana) and “Six Feet Under” (Billie Eilish)

21.43 Mika “Stay sweet, but scream more”. Hell Raton: “You made me elevate as the scenography, the key is popular because rap is popular.” Manuel Agnelli: «You did well to do something different, but I find you much more interesting when you make music of popular derivation». Emma: “For me you are many things, maybe there are many screaming but few are able to hold back that strength”

X Factor 2021, Mika’s confession: “When they broke my heart I was at a bitch’s house”

21.39 Vale Lp sings “I was thinking of you”, a 2017 success by Fabri Fibra, this time in a female interpretation.

21.35 For the Fellow judges he has a great talent even if they would like to hear him on something else

21.33 Mika has chosen the depth of Benjamin Clementine’s “Nemesis” for Fellow

21.30 Mika tells an anecdote related to the first time his heart was broken

21.26 Ludovico Tersigni presents the jury, this evening only televoting is valid because sponsorship movements have been detected on some singers not dependent on the program

21.21 Protagonista dell’opening  Dardust, multi-platinum composer and producer, the most listened to Italian pianist of the new generation in the world. Fresh from the great success of the “Storm And Drugs Tour”, he is working on the new surprising album. His set, written and created for the X Factor stage, is a hymn to our suffering planet, the Earth, to which he will dedicate an unedited version of “Sunset on M”, an iconic piece of his artistic journey, a sonic journey through electronics and classical music.

This performance anticipates his latest release alongside Sophie and The Giant, Benny Benassi and Astrality, with the song “Golden Nights”, out tomorrow at midnight.

21.18 The evening will open with a special opening, linked to current events and to COP26, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change currently taking place in Glasgow. The starting point will be Sky Zero, that is the campaign that underlines the commitment of the Sky group to reduce, by 2030, in advance of the European Union objectives, by at least 50% its carbon dioxide emissions, becoming Net Zero Carbon and therefore going to intervene on the causes of global warming that causes great upheavals of the planet.

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This evening for the third live of X Factor 2021 there will be a double elimination that will inevitably change the balance at the table of the judges Emma, ​​Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli, Mika: the latter arrives at the third Live with one less competitor, after the elimination of Westfalia last week, the first three have instead their rosters are still full, but during the next round the situation will take on significantly different contours.

The evening will open with a special opening, linked to current events and to COP26, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change currently taking place in Glasgow.

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