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Dancing with the stars, nice awakening for Milly | Fans rejoice with her

Dancing with the stars and Milly Carlucci are preparing to face the fifth seasonal effort. A new episode that starts under the best auspices thanks to good news.


It really seems that the wind has finally changed. That black cloud of Fantozzi memory that seemed to follow Milly Carlucci in these first weeks of his dancing show, he appears more and more in the distance. They filter the first rays of the sun and together there are also some good news.

A few days ago the announcement was made that the ballerina was injured Oxana Lebedev, partner of Albano Carrisi, has an absolutely positive course that could allow the professional to return to the competition in a few weeks together with the Apulian singer.

But the good news for Milly Carlucci doesn’t end there. What other good news has reached the ears of the Abruzzo presenter?

Dancing with the stars, a welcome return

That we are still in a period characterized by the pandemic, the transmission Dancing with the stars proved on its skin. The competitor Memo Remigi in quarantine following a tracking, for having been in contact with a person who was later tested positive. And even before that there was the thunderous case that involved the singer – competitor Mietta, tested positive at Covid.

Many will remember the controversy that arose in the studio of the dancing show with the direct attack of the juror Wild Lucarelli against the singer for her lack of vaccination, with a clear advice to stay at home. Now it seems all over and the Apulian singer will be able to return to compete for the final victory. But when will Mietta be back in the race?

The highly anticipated announcement

The expected announcement of the singer’s return to the race could not fail to take place via social media. However, it was not the person who was directly interested in announcing the good news, but the one who in recent weeks has been forcibly stopped waiting for this release communication. It was in fact her dance partner, Maykel Fonts, to announce to the world the happy response, he who, in recent weeks, has always tested negative for the virus.

“Notition. So: in a few hours he will cross the gate of the Rai Mietta. And therefore we will dance on Saturday, this is the enthusiastic announcement of the dancer who was able to share the stage with the Apulian competitor only in the early evening, where, moreover, they obtained enthusiastic acclaim.

The announcement leaves no doubts even about the date of the couple’s return to the race: Saturday 13 November. It goes without saying that the announcement of the dancer Maykel Fonts was inundated with enthusiastic comments from those who now ask the couple only one thing: Win. It turns out that so many were waiting for this news and will surely meet again on Saturday evening in front of the television screens to enjoy the artistic performance of Mietta and Maykel. Welcome back!

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