“Leone also asked for the president not to be re-elected”

“Leone also asked for the president not to be re-elected”
“Leone also asked for the president not to be re-elected”

No authorization to interpret his words as a reference to current events, but about two months after the start of the elections for his successor and while the ‘toto Quirinale’ is going crazy every day, it is inevitable that the reference to the non-re-eligibility of the Head of State, pronounced this afternoon by Sergio Mattarella, assumes particular relevance with respect to the hypothesis of his confirmation at Colle and seems to reiterate a polite refusal to those who would like to propose his candidacy.

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Remembering the figure of Giovanni Leone, the current President of the Republic quotes the message that his predecessor sent to Parliament on October 15, 1975, “which was considered by authoritative jurists and high level scholars to be one of the greatest documents on the question of institutional reforms. Among the other topics dealt with (bicameralism, Cnel, public administration, Mezzogiorno, the strike in public services), Leone repeated the solicitation (formerly underlined by President Segni), to introduce the non-re-election of the President of the Republic, with the consequent elimination of the blank semester “.

And in that same message, Leone recalled that as prime minister, in 1963, he had promoted a bill that would incorporate the wish expressed by his predecessor. The same one mentioned by Mattarella last February 2, in the midst of the crisis of Giuseppe Conte’s second executive, on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of Segni’s birth.

“It was also the occasion – stated the head of state referring to that text – to express the conviction that it was appropriate to introduce in the Constitution the principle of the ‘non-immediate re-election’ of the President of the Republic. On that occasion Segni defined ‘the a period of seven years sufficient to guarantee continuity in the action of the State. ‘Furthermore – he added -‘ the proposed modification also applies to eliminating any, even if unjust, suspicion that some act of the Head of State is carried out in order to favor his re-election ‘”.

“Hence the statement that ‘once the non-re-eligibility of the President has been ordered, it will also be possible to repeal the provision of Article 88, paragraph 2 of the Constitution, which removes the power from the President to dissolve Parliament in the last months of his mandate'” .

In addition to these references of a constitutional nature, in the last year Mattarella has referred several times to the question of his possible re-election in a formal and informal manner. “What begins – he emphasized in the message at the end of 2020 – will be my last year as President of the Republic. It will coincide with the first year to be dedicated to the recovery of the economic and social life of our country. The restart will be at the center of this last stretch of my mandate. It will be a year of intense work “. Words that have been followed on numerous occasions, most recently the speech last Tuesday at the ANCI Assembly.

“This year, also because it is the last of my mandate, I could not and did not want to” do without this meeting, he later affirmed on 29 March, receiving a representation from the Air Force at the Quirinale. But already three days before, on the occasion of the celebrations of Monday at the Quirinale, he had replied “there is a time for everything” to Roberto Benigni who said to him: “President, I am sorry that your mandate is about to end and that you are going Street”.

Finally, on May 19, the confession to a Roman schoolchild: “The activity” of the President of the Republic “is demanding, but in 8 months my assignment ends, I am old, in a few months I will be able to rest”. While the day before, speaking at the University of Brescia, he had incidentally mentioned the “last months of my Presidency”.

Then in the following weeks great attention was paid to avoiding any hint that in some way could be the object of interpretation with respect to a possible confirmation at the Colle. A silence interrupted by the underlining of this afternoon, which, given the timing, would seem to definitively close the question. (by Sergio Amici)

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