“What is Draghi”, “Read the documents” – Libero Quotidiano

“What is Draghi”, “Read the documents” – Libero Quotidiano
“What is Draghi”, “Read the documents” – Libero Quotidiano

“Dragons? He’s a stallholder.” He believes it Gad Lerner, guest to Half past eight on La7. Here, in connection with Lilli Gruber, the journalist lists the delays of the executive led by the former head of the European Central Bank: “Two weeks ago we were here to applaud the Budget law and to date the text is not yet known. Draghi’s message at the moment is to give money”.

So far nothing new, except that Lerner then lashes out against the premier: “It is singular that on the pension reform, on the shock absorbers and on the postpone. He is a delayer. Draghi knows when to be cautious and above all he knows that the parties of the majority who support him are antithetical. “In short, for the signing of the Everyday occurrence Draghi, in addition to the justice reform, did not make any other reforms.

But not only that, because Lerner questions the Prime Minister also on relations with Brussels: “Draghi, who is the guarantor in the EU, is no longer enough”. The banker has a different opinion Franco Barnabas: “Draghi must approve reforms by the end of the year to get EU money, so there will be reforms”. “I no longer recognize him – Lerner countered -, 27 reforms in a month and a half, but how is this possible?”. Here then is the banker to silence him: “He has to do it, just go and read the documents to understand it “.

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