A Vibonese school on the podium of the best high schools in Calabria

The Tommaso Campanella of Belvedere Marittimo, the Galileo Galilei of Lamezia and the Niccolò Machiavelli of Soriano: there are these three high schools on the podium of the best Calabrian high schools. This is what emerges from the data published today by Eduscopio, the portal of the Agnelli Foundation which every year aims to guide students and families in choosing the right school, based on how they prepare for university or for the world of work after graduation. In particular, each institution is assigned a score that corresponds to a indice Fga, which brings together the average of grades obtained at the University and the percentage of exams passed by the graduates of each school, giving the same weight (50 and 50) to both parameters used. [Continua in basso]

The high schools in the province of Vibo Valentia

Therefore, the third classified Calabrian belongs to the province of Vibo Valentia: the scientist Niccolò Machiavelli of Soriano, which with an index Fga 74.2 is at least a dozen points off all the other scientific high schools in the area: that of Philadelphia (64,46), the Giuseppe Berto of Vibo (63,58), l’Einaudi of Serra San Bruno (61.93) and the Vianeo of Tropea (48.19 – one of the worst performances ever). As for the institutes ad classic address, here to stand out is the Michele Morelli of Vibo with index 65.02, followed by Bruno Vinci of Nicotera (61.9) and the Galluppi di Tropea (60,31).

The high schools in the province of Cosenza

The best location ever in Calabria, however, according to the Agnelli Foundation, a school from Cosenza wins it: the Campanella classical high school of Belvedere, with a indice Fga pari a 76.06. A confirmation, given that even last year his was the first Calabrian place. Among the other institutes with the same address, the Garibaldi of Castrovillari (67.66). Considering the schools within a radius of 30 kilometers from the capital city, it is the Bernardino Telesio of Cosenza with index 61.93; followed by Joachim of Fiore of Rende (61,43), the Galileo Galilei of Paola (58.86), the Acre High School (54.63) and that of Luzzi (53,76).

Moving on to the scientific high schools, the best according to Eduscopio are the Mattei of Castrovillari (74,19), the institute of Amantea (71.75), that of Cassano allo Ionio (70.48), the Guarasci di Rogliano (70.01), the Lo Piano by Cetraro (69,72) and the institute of San Giovanni in Fiore (68.92). As for the institutes present in the city of Cosenza, it Peel has an index of 69.79 and theEnrico Fermi 66.65. Within a radius of 30 kilometers there are also the Valentini of Castrolibero (69,18), the Pythagoras of Rende (65,21), the Galileo Galilei of Paola (63,16), the Vincenzo Julia of Acri (57.82) and the Sicilian of Bisignano (56,34). [Continua in basso]

The high schools in the province of Catanzaro

And it seems to 74,61 the Fga index of the school that we find in second place among the Calabrians: the scientific high school Galileo Galilei of Lamezia Terme. In the province of Catanzaro, among the other scientific institutes there are theEttore Majorana by Girifalco with 74.12 and, again within a radius of 30 km from the provincial capital city, the Sicilians of Catanzaro (71.33), the Guarasci of Soverato (69,33), l’Enrico Fermi of Catanzaro (65,61), the Constantius of Decollatura (64,36), the Ferrari of Chiaravalle (61,63) and, lastly, theinstitute of Sersale (55,8).

As for the classical high schools, on the other hand, the primacy always belongs to a school in Lamezia: the Francesco Fiorentino of Lamezia – with index Fga 64.96 – followed byEqual Institute of Sant’Antonio da Padova in Soverato (64.87), the Pasquale Galluppi di Catanzaro (61.31) and finally the tie Cardinal Sirleto of Catanzaror which with index 32.36 turns out to be the last in the ranking of all Calabria. [Continua in basso]

The high schools in the province of Crotone

In the Crotone area, the best school is scientist Filolao di Crotone, with an index Fga 64.72. In the ranking drawn up by Eduscopio then – with the same address – theStrongoli Institute (59,61), the Raffaele Lombardi Satriani of Petilia Policastro (59.09) and the Benedict XVI school of Crotone (54.61). With reference instead to the classical high schools, we have the Pythagoras of Crotone with 63.59 and the Diodato Borrelli of Santa Severina with 55.39.

The high schools in the province of Reggio Calabria

Finally, the province of Reggio Calabria, again with reference to schools within 30 kilometers from the capital city, sees the leading scientific high schools Leonardo Da Vinci of Reggio with index Fga 69.01. Followed by: theAlessandro Volta (61.97) and then theEnrico Fermi of Bagnara (61,63) and the Our-Repaci of Villa San Giovanni (58.43). Leading the ranking of institutions a classic address, on the other hand, the Tommaso Campanella of Reggio – index Fga 66.57. Then there are the Our-Repaci di Villa (59.93), the Family members of Melito Porto Salvo (53.93) and at the end the Campanella boarding school in Reggio (53,24).

In the plain of Gioia Tauro then emerges the scientist Guerrisi of Novigrad (66.25), while inLocride area the best are the classical high school The Bovalino quarry (67,21) and the scientific Mazzone of Roccella Jonica (66,9).

Not only classical and scientific, on the Eduscopio portal it is also possible to sift the other Calabrian high schools: humanities, technical, linguistic, artistic sciences.

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