DAZN, vision on two devices without limits until the end of the season. Society: “Too many bad behaviors”

DAZN, vision on two devices without limits until the end of the season. Society: “Too many bad behaviors”
DAZN, vision on two devices without limits until the end of the season. Society: “Too many bad behaviors”

Nothing will change for this season: the heap of controversies raised by users in recent days has convinced DAZN not to make a change to the terms of service a few months before the start of the championship. The viewing of two contents simultaneously, even if not granted by the terms of service, will still be tolerated at the moment.

The company specified this a few minutes ago with a note.

With reference to what has been reported in recent days by various media outlets, DAZN wishes to specify its position regarding the use of the account linked to its subscription.

In the “Conditions of use”, available at the link https://www.dazn.com/it-IT/help/articles/terms-it, currently in force, it is clearly indicated that “The DAZN service and all the contents displayed through the itself, are for personal and non-commercial use only.

Furthermore: the password – to access the DAZN Service – must be kept safe, the access codes must not be shared with anyone or otherwise made accessible to others. “

Furthermore, the subscription entitles you to use the DAZN Service on a maximum of two (2) devices at the same time. The user accepts that the login data are unique to him and cannot be shared with others.

In this context, we have allowed viewing on two devices, simultaneously, through the same subscription, to offer a richer personal experience within a single domestic context.

Since the beginning of the Serie A football championship we have seen a considerable increase in incorrect behavior that cannot be ignored.

However, in respect of those who use sharing correctly and with the aim of protecting the interest of our subscribers, no changes will be introduced in the current season.

To conclude, we hope that the attention raised by the rumors circulated will lead to a serious and concrete reflection on the subject of contractual abuses and piracy, aspects that concern the whole world of OTTs and not only DAZN.

Our commitment will continue to be constant and, as always, we are ready to work together with institutions, authorities and with all parties involved and interested.

We will deepen this speech during the meeting on Tuesday 16 November with Minister Giorgetti during which we will also illustrate the proposals for the remodeling and expansion of our offers with the aim of putting consumers at the center.

DAZN obviously refers not to the vision on multiple devices within a domestic environment (or friendship), which it has repeatedly tolerated and advertised, but to the systematic practice of dividing a 30 euro subscription between two people who they don’t even know where one pays half the other. This is a “commercial” use, in fact, a subscription fee is resold to others and this is obviously not allowed. As it is not allowed to give your password.

It is hoped that this will give the company time to develop a solution, including a technological one, where home sharing is still allowed, as they have always advertised, but that made for the pure purpose of paying half a year is hindered and made difficult. subscription, reselling 50% to a stranger through one of the many services that allow it.


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