The data of the Agnelli Foundation: “overtaking” among high schools: Pellati overtakes Vercelli, among technicians confirms Artom

The data of the Agnelli Foundation: “overtaking” among high schools: Pellati overtakes Vercelli, among technicians confirms Artom
The data of the Agnelli Foundation: “overtaking” among high schools: Pellati overtakes Vercelli, among technicians confirms Artom

Tas every year it adorns the «Eduscopio» of the Agnelli Foundation. And it returns with a change of the guard in the theoretical ranking of the best high schools in the province: the «Pellati» of Nice, after having followed him for a couple of years, has overtaken the «Vercelli» of Asti. Among the technical institutes, however, confirmation of Artom.

The ranking of schools is more of a game: we are not evaluating the abilities of the students or the preparation of the teachers. The goal of «Eduscopio» is to give students a tool to compare the schools of a specific field of study, in order to facilitate the choice of faces for the first time in the world of high school.

In particular, the researchers of the Agnelli Foundation evaluated, on the basis of a series of statistical parameters, the ability of high schools and technical institutes to prepare and guide students for university studies and the ability of technical and professional institutes to prepare for entry. in the world of work.

L’indice Fga

For high schools, the statistical parameters are merged into what has been defined as the “Giovanni Agnelli Foundation Index”. It is a value that combines the average of the grades and the credits obtained at the University by graduating students in recent years, on a scale ranging from 1 to 100, giving a weight equal to 50 percent to each of the two indicators. And it is precisely on the basis of this parameter that the «Pellati» has conquered the summit. It should be noted, however, that on the basis of this parameter, provincial high schools are much more efficient than those in large cities. The score of the historic high schools of Turin, for example, is considerably lower than those recorded by the top Asti: the “Pellati” reaches 88.1, the Vercelli at 86.9. The Turinese «Galileo Ferraris» and Cavour stop at 82.7 and 81.8.

Does severity pay off?

Of particular interest is also the “percentage of graduates in good standing”, which tells us for each school how many students enrolled in the first year have reached their diploma five years later without failing. «If the percentage is high – the researchers explain – the school is very inclusive and is committed to bringing forward the largest number of students, without practicing a strict selection and screening policy: so students have more regular paths. If the percentage is low, the school is very selective and the students have failed and / or have dropped out of school ». What is best? The answer, in some respects, is surprising: «Since the first appearance of this indicator in Eduscopio – they explain – our analyzes have underlined that there is no systematic relationship between school selectivity and the results of university graduates. On the contrary, a positive correlation is confirmed, according to which on average it is precisely the students of the schools who select the least during the course who then obtain the best results ».

Find work

The nature of the evaluation parameters of technical and professional institutes is different, whose graduates generally immediately turn to the world of work, without going through the university. Here the researchers of the Agnelli Foundation calculated the “employment index”, defined as “the percentage of employees who worked at least 6 months within the first two years after graduation, excluding those enrolled at the university”. The calculation extends to graduates in June 2018, taking into consideration the period up to September 2020, already heavily influenced by the Covid crisis.

The portal

«The period of the pandemic – comments Andrea Gavosto, director of the Agnelli Foundation – has made evident to all families the importance of school and educational choices for their children. The information, data and comparisons between the schools found in Eduscopio can be very useful, in particular, to those who are not satisfied with “word of mouth” and to those who cannot count on strong social and cultural networks. Without wanting to be the only resource or wanting to say absolutely which is the best institute in a region or even the country, the portal can help every student and his family to make a good choice “. –

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