These data show that the third dose of Covid vaccine works

These data show that the third dose of Covid vaccine works
These data show that the third dose of Covid vaccine works

The administration of the booster dose significantly mitigates the risks related to the disease, enhancing protection against infection: the confirmation of the results of the clinical studies that have suggested the efficacy of the booster dose are confirmed by real-world data in Israel that clarify the extent of this protection.

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While in Italy the administration of the third dose of the anti Covid vaccine will also be extended to those over 40 starting from December, in other countries, as in Israel, the third dose campaign started last July, so far involving over 4 million people aged 12 years or older out of about 9.5 million inhabitants. Numbers that make Israel the first country in the world able to touch the effectiveness of the booster dose in the real world and to quantify how much the booster has reduced the rates of infection and serious disease in the population.

The data from the Israeli Ministry of Health database show the extent of protection and the further reduction in the rates of infection and serious illness as a function of the reception of the third recall in the different age groups, providing a comparison with the rates observed in those who received two doses, as well as with the incidence of infections and severe forms of Covid in those who have not received even one dose.

The data relating to the infections confirmed as of November 9, 2021 in Israel / Ministry of Health of Israel

The booster dose, which in Israel is administered at least 5 months after the first two doses of Pfizer-BioNtech using the same mRna serum used for the first vaccination cycle, greatly mitigates the risk of infection and serious disease in all age groups, confirming what has emerged in the studies published so far. Among all, the analysis conducted by Clalit Health Service, Israel’s largest healthcare provider that su The Lancet indicated 94% protection from infection and 92% from severe disease in the population with a mean age of 51 years. A further study also found that the third dose is 81% effective in preventing Covid-19-related deaths.

Data relating to severe forms of Covid – 19 to November 9, 2021 in Israel / Israel Ministry of Health

The new data, updated as of November 9, clearly show that receiving the third dose of the vaccine significantly reduces risks related to the disease in all age groups, increasing protection against infection. Efficacy estimates were obtained by calculating the protection starting on day 7 after the third dose, as well as done to define the protection induced by complete vaccination after the second dose.


data show dose Covid vaccine works

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