Valentino Rossi bids farewell to MotoGP in tears, only one regret: My curse

Valentino Rossi bids farewell to MotoGP in tears, only one regret: My curse
Valentino Rossi bids farewell to MotoGP in tears, only one regret: My curse

On the eve of his last MotoGP race in Valencia, Valentino Rossi was celebrated for his long and successful career. Space for many smiles, revelations and emotions that also moved the 42-year-old from Tavullia who closed the moment dedicated to him with shining eyes.

MotoGP pays homage to the legend Valentino Rossi on the eve of the Valencia GP, the last weekend of the 42-year-old from Tavullia before retirement. On the Ricardo Tormo circuit which on Sunday will be the theater of his last run in the World Championship as a rider after 26 years of militancy, before the usual press conference that precedes each Grand Prix, a long and exciting moment in which the nine-time world champion was celebrated. First the touching showdown of the nine bikes with which he won the nine world titles, reviewed one by one with the trusted Uccio and Dorna’s CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta: lots of jokes, smiles and anecdotes, and lots of photos with friends, colleagues, teams principal and almost all those who have shared a piece of these 26 years of career with him. A show in which he made no secret of his favorite bike, the Honda with which he won the title in the 500cc class. And he took the opportunity to make a request to the Japanese company: “That 500cc is my 500cc. It was what the Builder had to give me, I already had a place at home to keep it, but it never arrived. I tried to ask for it. We’ll see“the man from the Marches said about it. Then the special press session in which Valentino Rossi answered the journalists’ questions and received several gifts, the last of which also made him move.

The biggest pride, however, is not for what he did on the track but for the role he played in making the sport he has always loved to grow: “I would say that the positive thing about my career is that to follow my career many people have approached this sport. It was great to see that over the years I have become an icon and that makes me very happy. I think that everything will continue like this also in the next few years, it will not change. In the next year I will be going to some of the races. Our team will be there and our Academy drivers will be there. I don’t know what I’ll try to come to races without racing. I’ll find out next year“.

At the moment of farewell, however, Valentino Rossi also revealed that he closes his career with a great regret: “I tried several times to win the 10th title. I would have been happy to win another title, for example in 2015. It would have come full circle. Nine comes back many times in my career. I have the curse of nine, which was better not to have“was in fact the Doctor’s answer to those who asked what his biggest regret was. Numbers that have had great importance for the nine-time world champion (his # 46 has become a brand known all over the world) and that at times create incredible coincidences. The last one? Adding the day, month and year of your last race (14 + 11 + 21) the result is just 46: “We have known for some time that theThe sum of the date I quit is 46. Over the course of my career, many positive things have happened related to numbers. Maybe it’s a sign, or maybe it’s just a coincidence. Who knows“then added the MotoGP legend about it.

A press conference in which Valentino Rossi finally let himself go for a moment. The 42-year-old explained earlier that he does not know what his reaction will be at the end of Sunday’s race which will mark the end of his long and successful career, adding that he is a person with a difficult tear: “I honestly don’t know what will happen after Sunday’s race. I hope to have a good race and to reach the finish, but I don’t know what my reaction will be. I am one who cries little and, frankly, I hope not to cry“. But then, after seeing a video in which thousands of fans from all corners of the world thank him for what he did to their lives, he had to surrender to the emotion, as shown by the shiny eyes which he tried to hide with his usual smile. He will not be happy with this, but unknowingly he taught us that even behind a legend in the end there is a man who gets excited like all of us.

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