Coronavirus, two deaths (94 and 95 years) and 30 new infections (9 in Isernia)

812 swabs carried out. The number of victims rises to 503. 212 positives in the region. 2 people healed

Coronavirus, today’s bulletin of Asrem records two deaths: it is a 95 year old from Gildone and a 94 year old from Campobasso. Both were in Cardarelli’s infectious disease ward. 812 swabs carried out and 30 new positives in Molise (Busso 1, Campobasso 3, Campomarino 1, Caparacotta 1, Gildone 2, Isernia 9, Monteroduni 2, Riccia 1, Rionero Sannitico 1, Ripalimosani 2, Sessano del Molise 1, Sesto Campano 4, Termoli 2). I am 2 instead the people healed (Casacalenda, Larino). There are 5 patients at Cardarelli: 4 in the infectious diseases department (3 in the province of Campobasso and one in the province of Isernia) and 1 in intensive care (in the province of Isernia). I am 212 cases currently positive in Molise (116 in the province of Campobasso, 96 in the province of Isernia). The number of victims rises to 503 while 2,369 subjects are currently in isolation.

These are the positives recorded today:

I knock 1

Campobasso 3

Campomarino 1

Caparacotta 1

Guild 2

Isernia 9

Monteroduni 2

Riccia 1

Rionero Sannitico 1

Ripalimosani 2

Sessano del Molise 1

Sesto Campano 4

Termoli 2


Coronavirus deaths years infections Isernia

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