Milan, two men enter a room and start shooting

On Tuesday evening, two men with covered faces entered a bar and fired a firearm.

Moments of terror in a bar in Pioltello, a town in the metropolitan city of Milano: around 7 pm on Tuesday 9 November two men with covered faces entered the locale, one of the two drew a gun and began to shoot.

Fortunately, the patrons began frantically moving away from the bar the moment one of the bandits drew his weapon, and therefore was injured. After ceasing the fire, the man then fled in the company of his accomplice by driving away in a dark car. Investigations conducted by law enforcement officers inside the venue found the shells, identified as 7.65 calibers. The investigators also listened to the report of those present, which however turned out to be fragmented and unreliable: the most probable track, according to the reconstructions of the carabinieri, is that the raid was a notice of a criminal nature addressed to someone who at that moment was sitting in one of the tables.


Milan men enter room start shooting

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