How much does a Covid-19 hospitalization cost in intensive care?

An intensive care hospitalization for Covid-19 costs around 2,800 euros per day. And therefore a hospitalization of about ten days, this is the average for Coronavirus positive patients, makes public health spend about 28 thousand euros. He does the bills on the prices of treatments today The print, while countries like Singapore decide to charge for treatment to No vax who fall ill. The survey on hospitalization costs starts from the City of Health of Turin, which is one of the largest hospital-university companies in Italy. The reference for the average cost of hospitalizations is the time period that goes from March to May 2020. That is, at the time when the resuscitations were entirely absorbed by Covid patients. And when you stayed longer in intensive care. Today the hospital stays are shorter.

The figure of 2,800 euros is reached by adding the cost of personnel (about 1,108 euros) with that of drugs and medical supplies (624 euros) and support activities (724 euros), as well as other miscellaneous costs for a total of 320 euros. . “Of course, the length of hospitalization varies from patient to patient based on age, clinical picture and other series of factors – specifies Dr. Giovanni La Valle, general manager of the City of Health -. The length of hospitalization can reach 25 days, as well as resolve itself in less than a week “. There are currently 24 patients hospitalized in intensive care in Piedmont and 423 throughout Italy. Ten days of hospitalization for 24 patients cost 672 thousand euros. Eleven million and 844 thousand euros is the cost of ten days of hospitalization for patients from all over Italy.

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Covid19 hospitalization cost intensive care

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