New suspicions on the women’s PSG case: death threats to other players before the ambush. Diallo remains in prison

Other elements are added to the investigation linked to the attack on Kheira Hamraoui, a 31-year-old player of Paris Saint Germain, who was bolted by a group of masked men on Thursday 4 November in Paris. In the days preceding the arrest of teammate Aminiata Diallo, 26, accused of being the instigator of the attack, another woman with a criminal record, who was in telephone contact with Diallo herself, was stopped by the police. According to the French newspaper The Parisian, the stoppage of the player has been further extended, although the player continues to deny any responsibility. The investigation, as reported by Radio Montecarlo, shows that Kheira Hamraoui may not be the only player to have been targeted. In fact, other players have received death threats in recent days.

According to the reconstruction of the police, Kheira Hamraoui was attacked while she was driving back from a dinner organized by Paris Saint Germain and with her were present the same Diallo and two other teammates, when a group of masked men have interrupted the journey, pulling Hamraoiu out of the car and catching her with a bar on the legs. After the attack, the player was taken to the hospital, where sutures were applied to her legs and hands. According to the investigators, Diallo would have commissioned the ambush driven by the rivalry with the veteran teammate, with whom he was also competing for a jersey in the national team.

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