“It will be last, then vaccine will only be recalled to the frail”

“It will be last, then vaccine will only be recalled to the frail”
“It will be last, then vaccine will only be recalled to the frail”

“In my opinion the third dose closes the round of anti-Covid vaccination universal, then there will be a vaccination strategy similar to that of influenza, with the need for an annual booster only for some more fragile categories. ”Virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor at the State University of Milan, told Adnkronos Health.

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Does this mean that the vaccine will then protect us for life? “We will find out only by living – the expert replies with a smile – But I am a bit pessimistic because, of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus patients of the first wave, someone is already reinfected. Coronavirus ‘cousins’, the other 5 who we know and that they are part of the simi-flu forms, they do not give protection in the long term and therefore we are reinfected. However, the sealing element of the main objective, which is above all the avoidance of severe cases seems to be confirmed. A capacity – concludes Pregliasco – that can be prolonged over time “.

Pregliasco, after the green light starting from December 1st for booster doses for 40-60 year olds, remembers that in this range “there are not many who have had the vaccine for 6 months already, so it is a progression and an announcement compared to a need for reinforcement which I believe is appropriate, in light of the virus’ tail blow that we now expect “.

“In any case – explains the expert – you will have to wait 6 months from the second dose. Doing it first makes no sense”, but doing it is useful to complete the vaccination cycle in a certain sense. “The data – explains Pregliasco – tell us that a third dose made after some time makes this similar to other vaccines” which require the 2 + 1 cycle, “where there is a first immunization and then there is instead the booster in strict sense “.


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