Ausl calls his patients to check for antibodies

The doctor from Ravenna who pretended to inject ‘no vax’ patients with the anticovid vaccine will be suspended. This is what is communicated by the general direction of Ausl and by the Medical Association of the province of Ravenna, expressing “the deepest indignation and great bitterness for the reprehensible story which, in addition to the obvious criminal offenses, also configures heavy implications of an ethical and deontological nature . We extend our great appreciation to the punctual and timely work carried out in this regard by the State Police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ravenna “.

The general management, through the Public Health Department of Ravenna, immediately collaborated with the State Police as requested by them; in particular, as soon as it received the seizure decree relating to the 79 Green Passes obtained with the fake vaccine, it activated with the ICT service of the Emilia Romagna Region to implement the IT procedures for canceling the falsely performed vaccinations and consequently, of the relative Green Passes connected to them. At the same time, Tuesday ordered the immediate suspension of the vaccination activity by the doctor in question and the following day, Wednesday, provided for the precautionary suspension of the agreement in place between the Company and the doctor himself, after having already identified substitute doctors for both studies in which the doctor practiced the profession (in Ravenna city and in Marina di Ravenna).

Similarly, on Friday the Order of Doctors of the Province of Ravenna took steps to adopt an urgent resolution that determines the suspension of the doctor from exercising his profession. In these hours the Company is sending a communication to all citizens who appear to have been vaccinated against Covid by the doctor in question in which they are invited, free of charge, to take a venous blood sample to determine the antibody titer, in order to assess the real immune situation and define the need for any further vaccinations.


Ausl calls patients check antibodies

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