Covid today Holland, towards a partial lockdown

Covid today Holland, towards a partial lockdown
Covid today Holland, towards a partial lockdown

Covid infections in the Netherlands are also growing today and the lockdown hypothesis reappears. To ask for a partial one it is a group of experts who, according to local TV Nos, would have recommended it to the local government to reduce cases in the country. Holland could therefore be the first Western European country to restore it. The government of the interim prime minister, Mark Rutte, is expected to make a decision on this as early as tomorrow.

Among the restrictive measures that the government is considering, the broadcaster specified, there are the cancellation of events, the closure of theaters and cinemas and the early closure of bars and restaurants, while the schools would remain open. After a two-week partial lockdown, according to experts, entry to public places should be limited to vaccinated or recently recovered people.

Last week, the Netherlands reintroduced face masks and expanded the list of places that require the Green Pass to enter. The new coronavirus infections have almost doubled in the last week, with a weekly incidence rate of over 400 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

THE BULLETIN OF TODAY – In the Netherlands, 16,364 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the last 24 hours, never so many since the outbreak of the pandemic. This was announced by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, confirming 26 deaths from complications on the last day. The previous record dates back to 20 December, when 12,997 infections were confirmed.

The daily average of infections in the Netherlands also reached a new record. In the last seven days, in fact, 86,384 people have tested positive for Covid-19, with an average of 12,341 per day.

The greatest number of infections was recorded in Amsterdam, with 616 infections, followed by Rotterdam with 586 new cases, The Hague with 389 and Utrecht 263. 1,699 people are now hospitalized in hospitals due to Covid-19, the highest number from 23 May.

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