God is near the doors. It comes like a hug

God is near the doors. It comes like a hug
God is near the doors. It comes like a hug

33 Sunday
Ordinary Time – Year B

At that time, Jesus said to his disciples: “In those days, after that tribulation, the sun will darken, the moon will no longer give its light, the stars will fall from heaven and the powers that are in the heavens will be shaken (.. .). Learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch becomes tender and the leaves appear, you know that summer is near (…) ».

In those days, the sun will darken, the moon will go out, the stars will fall from the sky … The universe is fragile in its great beauty, but “those days” are these days, this world is darkening with its 35 wars in progress, the earth is extinguished poisoned, endless human caravans migrate across seas and deserts … Does it seem like a sinking, drifting world to you? Look closer, look deeper: it is a world that is going to be reborn.

Jesus loves hope, not fear: learn from the fig tree: when its branch becomes tender and the leaves appear, you know that summer is near. Jesus takes us to the school of plants, because the laws of the spirit and the profound laws of reality coincide. Each sprout ensures that life wins over death.

Learn from the wisdom of the trees: when the branch becomes tender … the softening of the branch does not even imagine it in winter; its softening due to the lymph that starts to swell the small channels is a surprise, and an ancient amazement. The most beautiful things are not to be sought, they are to be expected. Like spring. And the leaves are sprouting, and you can’t do anything about it; but perhaps yes: to contemplate and guard.
Then you understand that summer is near. In reality the gems indicate spring, which however in Palestine is very short, a few days and it is immediately summer. So you too know that he is near, at the gates. God is near, he is here; beautiful, vital and new like the spring of the cosmos.

From a gem you learn the future of God: that he stands at the door, and knocks; it comes not as a pointing finger, but as an embrace, a humble sprouting of life. “The whole world is a germinating reality” (R. Guardini).

Then I feel like a ship, which is no longer anxious about the course to follow, because a Sky Wind blows above it, and the lamp of the Word is lit on the bow of the ship.

The sun and the moon pass, which are the clock of the universe, the earth crumbles, but my words no, they are a sun that will never set from the horizons of history, from the heart of man.

We are a moaning generation, which no longer knows how to thank, which has dissipated the prophets and poets, the lovers and the good. Instead they are the parable, the bud, fig or almond branch of the saved world. I am here and now, on the whole earth and within my own house, like good sprouts, soaked in heaven, soaked in God. Whoever loves me is a lamp to my steps.

Take a good look at them, a drop of light is entangled in every wrinkle, an ounce of spring and the future has taken root in every face. Faith repeats to me that God is at the gates, he is near, he is here, he is in them. “Each one of his own moments of God” (DM Turoldo).

(Readings: Daniel 12,1-3; Psalm 15; Letter to the Hebrews 10,11-14.18; Mark 13,24-32)

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