Mobility, Patanè: by October 2024, Metro C Colosseo stop will be inaugurated

Few ribbon cuts in sight, but an intense planning, in the new council of Roma Capitale for the lines of the city metro.

“By October 2024 we will inaugurate the new Colosseo stop of metro C. It is the only inauguration that, realistically, we will be able to do within the council. However, always within the council, work will begin on the extension of the same line up to Clodio, already planned, of the Rebibbia-Casal Monastero extension of the B, to be released, after a final dispute in the dispute between the Municipality and the assignees to be held in December, and the new D line to be redesigned “. This was anticipated by the Capitoline councilor for mobility, Eugenio Patanè, interviewed at the Campidoglio about his program for the subways, on the sidelines of today’s meeting of the council.

Patanè’s programmatic lines also include the design of the extension of line A, in one direction up to Tor Vergata, and in the opposite direction up to the fork towards Monte Mario and Montespaccato.

“We approved in today’s council a resolution that unlocks, after a year and a half, the concession to Atac the usufruct of 29 methane buses owned by Rome capital, of 12 meters with three doors, with a total cost of 10 million EUR. The buses will enter service in mid-December, ”added Patanè. After today’s approval in the Giunta, Patanè explained, “the resolution will have to pass through the commissions and from there to the Capitoline Assembly, and subsequently the usufruct contract between Atac and the Municipality will be stipulated. At the results, the buses will be able to arrive. At the moment, he added, “the vehicles have been blocked in the Avellino plant for a year and a half”.


Mobility Patanè October Metro Colosseo stop inaugurated

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