Hamraoui attacked, Aminata Diallo’s arrest extended: PSG embarrassment- Corriere.it

Hamraoui attacked, Aminata Diallo’s arrest extended: PSG embarrassment- Corriere.it
Hamraoui attacked, Aminata Diallo’s arrest extended: PSG embarrassment- Corriere.it
from Stefano Montefiori, correspondent from Paris

The investigated footballer declares herself innocent, but investigators continue to favor the rivalry trail to explain her partner’s aggression. The two girls are very good friends, they spent some holidays together and had another one planned for the winter

The prosecutor of the Republic of Versailles, Maryvonne Caillibotte, announced that Aminata Diallo’s detention was extended by 24 hours and could therefore last until the morning of Friday 12. The PSG champion declares herself innocent, but investigators continue to focus on the rivalry trail to explain the violent aggression of Kheira Hamraoui, the teammate and owner in the midfielder position who was struck in the legs on Thursday 4 November.

At the end of a dinner with the whole team in a restaurant in the Bois de Boulogne, near the Parc de Princes the PSG stadium, Aminata Diallo had offered a ride in the car to her friend Kheira Hamraoui. Shortly before arriving home, two men with their faces covered blocked the car, made the two girls get out and while one was holding Aminata still the other hit Kheira for several minutes, injuring her legs and hands. Thus, Kheira Hamraoui was unable to play the Champions League match he won on Tuesday 9 November against Real Madrid (4-0), which he watched in the stands. Aminata Diallo played in her place, contending for her place as a starter also in the national team.

In the PSG environment there is great incredulity, also because Aminata and Kheira are very good friends, and in the past they went on vacation together to Dubai or Tanzania. According to Parisian, the two PSG players had also already bought tickets for a new trip to the United Arab Emirates this winter. They share their friendship with the other player Sakina Karchaoui, agent Sonia Souid, and also their past in the Spanish league (Diallo at Atletico Madrid and Hamraoui in Barcelona, ​​with whom he won the Champions League). The investigation provided evidence that led the prosecutor to have Aminata Diallo arrested at her home on Wednesday morning and also to extend the pre-trial detention, after the first interrogations and despite the statements that she was completely unrelated to the attack. Aminata Diallo innocent until proven otherwise, of course. Investigators want to know more about the strange route he took on the night of the assault, when he was accompanying Kheira Hamraoui home, and also to clarify the nature of his relationship with the man who in the previous days, from the Lyon prison, had made anonymous phone calls to teammates threatening Hamraoui. That man and Aminata Diallo have known each other since the days of Grenoble, their city of origin, and the judicial police of Versailles suspect that Diallo may have asked him to organize the ambush against her friend and rival for the post of midfielder in the PSG and in the national team. We will see if in the next few hours the evidence collected by the investigators will confirm the track that for now continues to be privileged.

Meanwhile, great embarrassment at PSG, where the feats of the women’s team – 10 victories without conceding a goal in the league – were exalted as perfect accompanying the successes of the men’s team of superstars Mbapp, Neymar and Messi. The victorious match against Real Madrid was seen at the stadium by 18,000 spectators, a record, and the interest in football played by girls is growing. The press conference of the women’s team scheduled for Friday at 11.30 has been canceled, and training will take place behind closed doors, in view of the important top match, Sunday 14, against Lyon.

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