Miguel Bosé shock: “Because my parents were monsters”

Miguel Bosé shock: “Because my parents were monsters”
Miguel Bosé shock: “Because my parents were monsters”

The presentation of the new biography of Miguel Bosé – “El hijo del Capitan Trueno – The son of Captain Thunder“to be released in Spain – is causing discussion. In the book, written by the singer and actor in the third person, Bosè speaks of episodes of his youth where his parents, both disappeared, are described as”monsters“.

Shocking, harsh words, linked to stories and anecdotes from his life, which tell of the conflictual and stormy relationship that Miguel Bosé had with his father Luis Miguel Dominguin, a famous bullfighter, and his mother Lucia Bosé, a popular actress. The fame of the parents was one of the hardest obstacles to overcome for the singer, who in his autobiography says: “The problem Miguelito had was that of surviving those two every day monsters that so much shadow and eclipse caused“A sentence also reports from the Efe news agency, which caused a lot of discussion in Spain.

In book Miguel Bosé retraces the most important stages of his life as a boy with memories that tell of the love-hate he experienced towards his father, an authoritarian and successful figure who died in 1996. Many of the memories described in the volume speak of their conflictual relationship: “When I saw that he was sick, after the malaria vaccine he got before a safari in Mozambique, my father said to me: ‘Don’t be a girl, get up and walk like a man and stop getting dizzy or you will find out what a real slap ‘“.

In his biography, Miguel Bosé tells how his father struggled to accept his being different from others and how worried he was about the possibility that his son was homosexual: “My mother asked him what the problem was with my reading a lot. ‘That the baby will be gay, Lucia! For sure!’. My father wanted me to be a man like God commands: a ‘macho’, a hunter, a womanizer“. Miguel Bosé has revealed that he has overcome the pain caused by the words father only with time:”Then I forgave him“.

Among the memories of the singer there is one also linked to his mother, Lucia Bosé, died last year from Covid. The singer recalls that the woman wanted to divorce her husband, who, however, claimed her role: “My mother went to ask my father for a divorce and he said to her: ‘A woman does not separate from her husband, a woman swallows’“. The complicated and conflicting relationship with the father figure, however, did not prevent Bosé from feeling at times admiration for the man, an internationally renowned bullfighter. The figure of the father is in fact remembered on the cover of the book, where a very young Bosé appears dressed as a bullfighter.

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