“That’s why we lose …”: Toninelli’s news (to laugh)

“That’s why we lose …”: Toninelli’s news (to laugh)
“That’s why we lose …”: Toninelli’s news (to laugh)

Probably, Senator 5s Danilo Toninelli he has a lot of time available in his days if he can schedule fixed appointments once or twice a week, in the middle of the afternoon, with his followers for a 45-minute live broadcast. Which could also become everyday, “when there will be a lot of flab“. The former Minister of Transport of the 5-star Movement has started a column called Counterinformation (strictly with the hashtag in its official version) in which he wants to unmask fake news and dismantle conspiracy. A sort of debunker in sauce grillina “against the single national narrative“, which wants to fight disinformation but which, on the other hand, seems to be just a five-star propaganda tool.

From the first live broadcast on November 5th, there are already 3 columns published by Danilo Toninelli in all. The former minister never misses an opportunity to emphasize that this or that “is thanks to us”, where the “we” indicates the 5-star Movement. It is also tedious to listen, because, although we cannot expect who knows what speeches about the maximum systems for the debunk of what, for him, are fake news, at least one would expect the former minister to make an attempt in this direction.

Close-up tight on his face, glasses and wire earphones, Danilo Toninelli introduces himself to his followers with his well-combed curls to make his counter-information. What are the burning issues addressed by the minister? The heroism of Virginia Raggi, for instance. Yes, because Danilo Toninelli in his first live broadcast clearly stated that “Virginia is a heroine” that “with humility and a lot of strength“is the councilor to the municipality of Rome despite the defeat. But that’s not all, although he admits the defeat to the administrative offices of Rome, Toninelli finds the scapegoat, because it is not the fault of the heroine Virgy and her luster of managing the capital, who made the Romans fall out of love with the M5s. “The M5s lost due to fake news“, says the former minister. And so here is he who took the field in first person to dismantle them piece by piece.

Listening to the interventions of Danilo Toninelli, one realizes that the former minister is not counter-reporting. He simply interprets the facts according to the narrative that appeals to the voters of the Five Star Movement. Legitimate, God forbid, but far from the professed intentions. And there are also some bizarre passages in these broadcasts, like the one in which he accused Matteo Salvini to have gone to welcome Jair Bolsonaro right on the day when ecological issues were being addressed in the Senate. “Do we realize how complicated everyone’s life is but above all how complicated life is for us who are in parliament?“, says Toninelli. And he tells the Italians who are going through one of the most serious ecological and social crises ever. It takes courage.


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