“Property in Lazio was fine”. The replica of the doctor Ferretti

ROMA – Property? Unfortunately it happened, the Federation staff thought he couldn’t play and went back “. Try to clarify the president of Lazio, Claudio Lotito, on the sidelines of the presentation of the tour of the Olympic Stadium. “I noticed that these situations always happen to Lazio players. We usually have very few injuries because we are able to prevent. If he had been sick before, he would not have started: he played 90 minutes with Salernitana and was fine at the end. Then I don’t know what could have happened the night or the next day. Ior I don’t know how he trained in Coverciano, apart from or not he trained anyway. It might as well be that not where to train. If I attack the staff of the national team? No, otherwise I would have said it. “

Lotito, the Superlega and Sarri

“I’m just saying that we need to rethink the football system on the basis of new media, commercial and physical needs. The rhythms have totally changed, athletes spend a lot from the point of view of physical and mental stress. always available to find solutions that help clubs to have greater revenues and greater visibility, while respecting the needs of the athletes “. Coach speech: “Sarri if I chose him there is a reason, he is a football teacher. He is a suitable person to open a cycle and carry it on for a long time. It was also found by him that in Lazio there are the conditions to play good football, not only linked to the results, but also to the formation of the players. There are conditions to do well, ours is a medium-long term project. Inzaghi? I already have many problems, I think about the problems of my club. “

Doctor Ferretti’s response

The national team doctor, Andrea Ferretti, at the press conference he tried to clarify the Immobile case: He presented himself at the meeting reporting a pain in the calf that arose during the match against Salernitana. Like all the other players who arrived in less than perfect conditions, a recovery activity in the water was scheduled on Monday and no one trained in the most absolute way. After the canonical 36 hours we subjected Immobile and other players to an MRI. Ciro’s showed signs of suffering from the soleus muscle on the basis of which it was deemed unrecoverable for our matches and therefore returned to the venue. The fact that the injury has not been reported to us by the club is something that can happen in the excitement after the game. Sometimes our colleagues may fail to report what happened, but this never affects our behavior, so no problem “.

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Italy, tile for Mancini: Immobile leaves the retreat


Property Lazio fine replica doctor Ferretti

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