LIVE TMW – Italy, Mancini: “Belotti has the opportunity to play. Barella has trained, he’s fine”

11.50 – Eve’s day Italy-Switzerland. Directly from the Olimpico press room, the technical commissioner Roberto Mancini will present the decisive challenge for qualifying for the World Cup to be held in Qatar in 2022.

12.03 – The press conference begins.

How’s the team doing? Can Belotti play?
“We’re sorry for Immobile and Chiellini, but it’s the same thing for all national teams, injuries can be a bit more in this phase. But we are in a positive situation, we know what we are as a team and we have to stay calm, tomorrow will be a difficult race. Belotti? We have today’s training, then tomorrow morning. But whatever decisions we make, I’m sure we’ll play well. Today’s training is important, in these two days the boys have mostly recovered. However Belotti has the chance to play “.

Go back to the Olimpico where it all started this summer
Surely the Olimpico will give us a great hand, playing at the Olimpico is always nice. The situation is always very good, we played three European Championship games here and the public has always supported us. Tomorrow it will be the same thing, it will be a good race “.

Did you see a quiet team?
“Yes, yes. The boys are calm, but concentrated. They know that to win they must always be 100% without thinking about all the other things around them. They are fine.”

What should we be afraid of about Switzerland?
“We know the value we have and all football matches must be played. Switzerland has been playing excellent football for several years, all the matches played against Switzerland have been difficult. We have to play our match and our game. They will play. the best, like us … ”

How’s Barella doing? What game do you expect?
“I don’t know what Switzerland will do, I know what we will do. I don’t know how they will do it tactically, if first of all they will think about not losing. I think he will come here to play the game. Barella is fine, he trained yesterday and I think he can be on the field tomorrow. “.

How is the pitch?
“In good condition”.

How much will the public be able to help you?
“The public will give us a big boost, I think they will do it tomorrow as well. And I have great faith in the guys, this makes me feel comfortable.”

How has the team changed since the European Championship?
“Not much has changed. I believe it is a team that still has room for improvement and can become even stronger between now and the World Cup.”

Will there be anxiety tomorrow night?
“I believe that anxiety is not right before a match. You have to be happy before taking the field, because playing is the best thing you can do.”

How did you find Belotti?
“I saw Rooster well, physically he won’t be at 100% because he comes from a serious injury. Maybe he doesn’t have 90 minutes, but if he manages to score in the first 60/65 minutes it would be better …”

Switzerland will also have several defections
“It is a moment of the season where all the national teams have problems, this problem also has Switzerland and we have it, as well as other national teams. I do not know if Switzerland will change form, some players, but we know that it remains a difficult team to play. face up to”.

12.25 – Press conference concluded.

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