The Regions that risk the yellow zone at the end of November and the hypothesis of the “cut” Green Pass

Yesterday in Italy there were officially 7,891 cases and 60 victims of Covid. The positivity rate rises to 1.6%. Lombardy (1,073), Veneto (931) and Lazio (814) are the regions with the highest number of cases. Numbers rising slightly also in hospitals, but really nothing comparable to what is happening, for example, in Germany, where 40 thousand infections have been confirmed in 24 hours, Bavaria is in full Covid emergency and the soft line of the past weeks will be quickly changed. Italy, on the other hand, is all in the white zone, but until when? And on the third dose and Green Pass, what are the next steps? Let’s proceed in order.

Regions that risk the yellow zone at the end of November 2021

“If the numbers of infections continue as we are seeing today, there is a risk that by the end of the month, probably even earlier, we will go to the yellow zone”. The president of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, does not turn the word: “It means that we will open the doors to the orange zone. And if we go to the orange zone it means that we penalize the economic realities. And we cannot afford it. pay the price of people who pursue lies. My appeal is heartfelt. Despite the insults I am taking for this position of rationality and common sense, I will not stop. I pasdaran no vax, the pasdaran of lies, know that with me they will not find fertile ground “concluded Fedriga.

Still in the Northeast, Veneto is quieter. “The risk of a change of color and the return of restrictions is just around the corner, but in the short term there are no risks for the Veneto to pass into the yellow zone. The appeal, however, is not to let your guard down”. So Luca Zaia, president of Veneto. “The recurring question is whether or not the lockdown returns, with this data no. We have figures of 3% occupancy, but we are not above the threshold – he added at the press point with journalists -. However, by beating his head on wall, someone knocks down the wall – he added – so the appeal is to be safe, to wear masks, without letting your guard down “.

But what are, in a nutshell, the regions that risk the yellow zone well before Christmas? The transition from the white to the yellow zone takes place on the basis of three parameters: the weekly incidence of new positives must exceed 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, the employment rate in the medical area must be over 15%, the employment rate in intensive care must be over 10%. The plant has been confirmed, and with a contagious variant such as Delta the incidence figure spikes over 50 very soon in the event of a resumption of the epidemic.

Yellow zone, eyes focused on 3 Regions plus Bolzano

The eyes are focused on 3 Regions and on the autonomous province of Bolzano. Marche and Friuli-Venezia Giulia have exceeded the threshold as regards intensive care, but the still limited number of ordinary hospitalizations saves them from any restrictions. Calabria and Bolzano, on the other hand, are at risk with regard to ordinary hospitalizations (even if they are both still below the 15% threshold), but have low numbers in intensive care. In all four territories the incidence is well over 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants.

In Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the last seven days the cases have almost doubled from 1445 to 2650, a + 83% that could soon have consequences in hospitals. The weekly incidence at the regional level rises to 221 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants. Trieste sails just above 500 and remains by far the Italian territory with the greatest viral circulation. However, it is difficult to predict entry into the yellow zone, since almost 70 more hospitalized people are still needed.

Professor Umberto Lucangelo, head of intensive care at Cattinara in Trieste, al Corriere della Sera does not hide the difficulties: “We have full semi-intensive therapy, people in the emergency room waiting to be placed and the intensive with 11 places occupied. If we exceed 18 we need to reduce the scheduled interventions” explains the head physician, “we are back to deployment of forces of the second wave with the aggravating circumstance that there is no lockdown because the city works, life flows as it should be and people get hurt, there are heart attacks, strokes, accidents .. . “. The new Covid patients “have an average age of 60 but there are also 30. 90% have not had the vaccine, of course among them there are also those who could not do it”.

In the meantime, Bolzano activates Covid beds in private clinics (22 non-serious patients have been transferred to a private facility in recent days): in this way it empties public hospitals (the only ones that count for the rules on color change) and allows you to significantly remove the yellow zone. The number of ordinary hospitalizations is destined to decrease. A strategy practiced by several regions in the past, no scandal and no news.

No region is in danger of the yellow zone since the end of this week. In fact, today’s data, as regards hospitalizations (in ordinary and intensive wards) and incidence, are those that are then processed and used for monitoring the ISS every Friday. Soon, therefore, no restrictions on the way: no particular divinatory powers are needed to know what will happen, at least for next week. But if the rising trend does not stop, it is possible that around the end of November-beginning of December some regions will find themselves in a very uncomfortable situation.

What would change from white to yellow zone

Scenarios and hypotheses aside, what would actually change in the event of passing into the yellow zone? The main changes would concern the return of the obligation to wear an outdoor mask (it can only be removed for drinks at the bar or restaurant or to play sports) and the smaller capacity for indoor venues.

The school is one hundred percent without attendance. Nothing changes for travel (always allowed within the region and in the rest of the country, for any reason) and there is no curfew or prohibition of opening for economic activities. Hairdressers and barbers do not suffer any stops: in the yellow areas they work without particular constraints, as well as other activities. For bars and restaurants, it is allowed to consume at the table inside (always with the Green Pass), but the limit of four diners returns, more in the case of cohabitants.

However, the capacities for events and shows would significantly change. According to the summer rules (the latest changes introduced on 7 October, which have expanded the capacity – bringing them to one hundred percent for cinemas, exhibitions and theaters – refer only to the white area), in the yellow area the capacity allowed cannot be greater than 50% of the maximum authorized and the maximum number of spectators cannot in any case exceed 2,500 for outdoor shows and 1,000 for indoor shows. For sporting events: the permitted capacity cannot exceed 25% of the maximum authorized and, in any case, the maximum number of spectators cannot exceed 2,500 for outdoor facilities and 1,000 indoors.

Green Pass, will the duration be reduced?

From 1 December, 15 million Italians in their forties and fifties will be called to take the third dose. Health Minister Roberto Speranza pushes the boosters, and he made it known yesterday afternoon during a parliamentary question time. Speranza has proposed to the government control room to introduce, with a law, the obligation of a third dose for healthcare and RSA operators, who are already required to work with the first two administrations. These categories are not responding as the executive hoped to the call for the third dose, as for now only 50% would receive the new injection.

After the 17 million vaccinated over 60s already invited to the third dose – so far 2.5 million have done it – the Government has therefore decided to forge ahead and, the first country in Europe (and not only), opens the new round of vaccinations also for all over 40s: in the rest of the world, apart from Israel, the over 50s have reached the maximum.

Not only that, Speranza also hypothesizes a change in the validity of the Green Pass in the event that new scientific evidence arises that proves the decrease in coverage given by the first vaccination cycle. Today it lasts 12 months but before it was 9. “The extension of the Green Pass up to 12 months can be revised in the future if new data or studies emerge – he said – Every week the Higher Institute of Health presents a report on the effectiveness of the vaccines and data allow the indications to be updated. Since September, the first signs of loss of efficacy have been observed, so an additional dose is recommended for some categories “.

Speranza then announced that if needed, the duration of the green pass could again be reduced to 9 months as in the beginning. After the summer, Parliament had extended the life of our green passes, which take 3 more months and therefore will last 12 months instead of the nine planned so far. For the sake of completeness, we remind you that the current legislation provides that the duration of the validity of the green pass for subjects recovered from Covid-19 is 6 months; the validity of the green pass for vaccinated subjects is 12 months. The validity of the green pass for vaccinated individuals is 12 months. Regulation (EU) 2021/953 of the European Parliament and of the Council of June 14, 2021 established that healing certificates can have a maximum duration of 180 days from the first positive molecular test.

It remains to be seen when and how the duration of the Green Pass will eventually be reduced. Much will depend on how the epidemic progresses by the end of the year. Regarding the green certificate, yesterday the confidence requested by the government was confirmed in the green pass decree, approved by the Senate with 199 votes in favor and 38 against, no abstention. The provision, launched by the executive on 21 September last, regulates the methods for extending the obligation of vaccination certification in public and private sector workplaces. It will now be sent to the Chamber for definitive conversion into law.

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