“Ronaldo to Barcelona”, Freixa’s sensational provocation

BARCELONA (SPAIN) – Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona: two distant, almost opposite worlds. The Portuguese champion was for years the number one enemy of the Blaugrana as well as the eternal rival of Messi in a duopoly that has long divided football fans. Yet there are those who would like him at Campo Nou with the azulgrana shirt. This is the former presidential candidate Toni Freixa who, to the microphones of de La Porteria, launched a sensational provocation: “If there is a time to do such a madness, then this is the right one”. In the last hours in England the hypothesis of a possible farewell of CR7 from United is gaining ground. The non-idyllic relationship of the former Juve with the coach Solskjaer and the disappointing results could push him to change the air again. A footballer of his caliber could restore enthusiasm to the Catalan fans, burned by Messi’s farewell and a nightmare start to the season. Meanwhile, a first step towards happiness has been taken, with Xavi taking the place of Ronald Koeman on the bench.

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From England: “Cristiano Ronaldo, away from United at the end of the season?”

Freixa on Barcelona and Xavi

Freixa talked about Xavi a Esport3: “I think he wants to convince them of an idea, make them play a certain way, entertain them. Play well. Create a group dynamic. Within this dynamic, the rules come by themselves. – he comments referring to the decalogue imposed by Xavi –. I don’t think Xavi comes with the idea of ​​imposing fines and persecuting the players, there won’t be a war between the coach and the players. “.

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Barcelona, ​​Xavi’s first training session


Ronaldo Barcelona Freixas sensational provocation

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