A Meteor Spotted From Salento? The Civil Protection Confirms: “A Bolide Spotted Even From The Areas Of Our Structure”

SALENTO – A large, bright and noisy “bolide” has been spotted in the skies of Salento. The Salento civil protection gives the news on Facebook at 10:05 pm, explaining it as “a passage of a very bright meteor, also seen from the areas of our structure”. “From the various testimonies, the very bright trail apparently green in color is almost certainly attributable to phenomenon of the southern Taurids, the meteor shower that is occurring in these days -explains the expert, Giuseppe De Filippi – They are the residues of the cometary tail of the 2P / Encke that are burning with the impact of the earth’s atmosphere and have the peculiarity of being, albeit very rarely, very bright: even in recent years they are During the swarm, such fireballs were observed crossing the sky.

Now we await, indeed we strongly ask you, that some of you can share with us your testimony, or maybe a video, of the frames of some external camera or your smartphone (and I don’t think it will be long in coming)! “. More information will be available tomorrow from the Astronomical Center.

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“They are not rare phenomena but have also been observed in recent years – he explains the manager of the regional civil protection, Mario Lerario – and therefore should not cause neither concern nor clamor. However, the regional civil protection has followed this phenomenon with the functional center, the national civil protection department and the national geophysics and volcanology institute “.

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Meteor Spotted Salento Civil Protection Confirms Bolide Spotted Areas Structure

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