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Could be by Mauro De Mauro, the journalist who died 51 years ago in Palermo, the remains of the man of about 50 years, about one meter and seventy tall and with congenital malformations in the nose and mouth, found by soldiers of the Alpine Rescue guard of Nicolosi’s finance in a cave on Etna. It is the hypothesis formulated during the transmission “Who has seen it?”. De Mauro’s family lawyer contacted the financial police to ask for information. “Hypothesis that will be investigated,” said Lieutenant Colonel Massimiliano Pacetto live on Rai Tre.

From the scenario that was presented to the soldiers of the Alpine Rescue of the provincial command of Catania, it emerges that the man was wearing long dark trousers, a light striped shirt, a light wool sweater, a black tie, a dark green nylon cape , a wool hat with pom-poms and Pivetta shoes number 41. Also found some metal coins of the old coin (the lire). “For the purpose of recognition it is also useful to report that the man was wearing an Omega brand watch with a canvas strap on his wrist and had a comb with a case with him”, reads a note.

Fifty years ago, on September 16, 1970, the journalist Mauro De Mauro was kidnapped and killed in Palermo by a mafia commando. His body was never found. A disappearance still shrouded in mystery, probably linked to his investigations into the mafia and beyond.

De Mauro, reporter for L’Ora, was born in Foggia in 1921. At the time, there were different tracks taken by the police and carabinieri to go back to the context in which the kidnapping took place. Among the main ones followed by the investigators was that relating to exclusive news on the death of Eni’s president, Enrico Mattei, which the reporter had acquired after a long research work and which he was preparing to report in the columns of the afternoon newspaper. The so-called “Borghese coup” was also taken into consideration.

De Mauro, on the evening he was kidnapped, had just parked his car, a BMW, next to the front door of the building where he lived, in Viale delle Magnolie. The mafia hitmen set a trap for him. From that moment De Mauro disappeared into thin air. A few hours after the missing person was reported, his car was found in via Pietro D’Asaro in the area of ​​via Dante, also in Palermo. According to some collaborators of justice, the remains of the journalist were buried for several years under a bridge over the Oreto river and subsequently removed and burned on the orders of the mafia bosses.

The discovery of the remains took place during one of the frequent exercises in the territory of Zafferana Etnea, which also involves the canine units. The search and rescue dog Halma, a brilliant German shepherd also specialized in cadaveric search operations, barked and showed evident signs of interest near a cave in the area of ​​operations, persistently attracting the attention of his handler.

The discovery scenario

From the scenario that was presented to the soldiers of the Alpine Rescue of the provincial command of Catania, it seems that the man voluntarily entered the ravine, otherwise difficult to access, and that he died of non-violent causes. The yellow flames are now at work to give a name and a face to the man who found death at the bottom of that cave, probably between the end of the 70s and the 90s. Probably in the fall or winter, given the clothing. The first scientific investigations and the examination of the place of discovery suggest that it is a man of at least 50 years of age, about 170 cm tall, with congenital malformations of the nose and mouth. The investigative activities continue with the financiers who, in addition to the rescue, also have the task of documenting what happened in the places where accidents sometimes fatal and carrying out investigations delegated by the judicial authority.

Source CataniaToday

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