Stefano Pioli, two-year renewal with Milan for 4 million per season

Stefano Pioli, two-year renewal with Milan for 4 million per season
Stefano Pioli, two-year renewal with Milan for 4 million per season

The signing is possible already at the end of the month, when the Rossoneri’s CEO will return from the United States. The coach: “Full harmony with the club”

Awarded at Milanello after reaching the 100 Rossoneri bench (today he is at 104), Stefano Pioli had “threatened”: “Someone will play like that, but I hope to do at least as many”. Paolo Maldini, technical director, added: “They are the first of an incalculable number”. The communion of intent was already explicit.

At the end of October, on TV, Maldini himself had defined Pioli as “the architect of our sporting rebirth”: a tribute that confirmed, once again, the feeling between management and coach. The obvious consequence is that the contract expiring in June will be renewed. The new marriage will take place, and it will take place before Christmas.


The dominant Milan is the son of the harmony between the coach and the Rossoneri management, of which Ivan Gazidis obviously belongs. It is no coincidence that the CEO he vouched for the choice to bet on him and give up Rangnick. With these assumptions, the renewal issue has always been dealt with smoothly, always with a smile on his face. The club would have the possibility of extending the bond until 2023 at the same economic conditions, that is to say 2 million euros net with the addition of another 500 thousand euros for qualification in the Champions League. But the top management of via Aldo Rossi immediately set aside this solution, initiating contacts for a new negotiation. So in recent weeks there have already been talks between Paolo Maldini, Ricky Massara and Gabriele Giuffrida, representative of the coach. It starts from a base of 3 million euros net plus the usual (substantial) slice of incentives. At the same time, consideration is also being given to the length of the new link.

the strategy

The most traveled path leads to a two-year solution, that is until 2024. But other ways are not to be excluded: perhaps a three-year one. In this range of hypotheses there is also the option of a one-year contract with a salary of around 4 million euros, in line with the other top Serie A coaches. The difference, net of bonuses, is around to one million euros, but there is good will on both sides. So the messages are all positive. We only have to wait for the right moment to plan a meeting that will allow us to deepen all these issues. Gazidis is certainly expected to return, these days in New York. The expected white smoke will probably arrive at the end of the month. But with greater caution, those attending the headquarters ensure that by Christmas the renewal will be done. Maybe with a doubling.

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Stefano Pioli twoyear renewal Milan million season

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