“Zidane? He started taking creatine when he left for Italy “

Zidane? He took creatine when he left for Italy (in 1996 the transfer to the you, ed). In France it was not allowed. He gained muscle mass, he developed“. To speak, in the documentary Broken destinies transmitted by The team, And Dembélé claw, a former footballer who has told without any filter some episodes of his career, well below expectations. “In Bulgaria, at the end of the matches of Europa League, we made infusions. There was a nurse in a white coat. We took off our shoes and they immediately attached the infusions, because 2-3 days later another game was waiting for us. When I went to the Freiburg, I was taking substances that were not allowed in Germany. I was on drugs, it was probably hormones, I don’t know … Every time I went to the doping test: I urinated but there was no trace of what I was taking. I had a little box, on it was my number, 11. After training I had to take about ten pills, I didn’t even know what they were. Some were huge and stuck in the throat. If you didn’t get them, you got a fine“.


Zidane started creatine left Italy

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