Giro d’Italia: two stages in Trentino: from Tonale to Lavarone passing through Vetriolo and Menador. The day after departure from Borgo Valsugana – Sport

Giro d’Italia: two stages in Trentino: from Tonale to Lavarone passing through Vetriolo and Menador. The day after departure from Borgo Valsugana – Sport
Giro d’Italia: two stages in Trentino: from Tonale to Lavarone passing through Vetriolo and Menador. The day after departure from Borgo Valsugana – Sport

LEVICO. The Giro d’Italia will stop in Valsugana: protagonists are the climbs of Vetriolo and Menador

An important sporting event, which will mark the challenge between the most famous cyclists in the world and which will involve the whole territory in the success of one of the key events of the international cycling calendar: this year the Giro d’Italia will see Valsugana as the protagonist.
The presentation took place this morning in Levico, in the Sala Senesi of the Palazzo delle Terme.

The two Trentino stages, number 17 and number 18, were announced with their most significant passages: the arrival in Lavarone from Ponte di Legno on 25 May 2022 and the departure the following day from Borgo Valsugana towards Treviso.

In the Trentino section, from the Tonale Pass the caravan of the Giro will then cross the whole Val di Sole and the part of Val di Non that leads up to the Rotaliana plain, will then go up to Segonzano and descend to Valsuganto. Here the cyclists will face two very hard climbs, which will lead the champions to compete towards the final classification of the Giro, considering that the Trentino stage is scheduled for the last week of the race: the Compet pass in Vetriolo and Monterovere, with the Menador road, where important gaps are expected between the participants before arriving in Lavarone.

The day following the departure from Borgo, with the route that will cross the entire Valsugana up to the border with Veneto. Exciting sporting moments therefore, in a stretch with evocative panoramas that is preparing to be experienced as a great collective event, where all of Trentino will present itself to the world of cycling lovers.


Presentation of the Giro d’Italia 2022 in Trentino

“The Giro has grown a lot precisely in the effectiveness of the diffusion of the images and in the numbers related to it: today there are almost 800 million television viewers who follow the race in 5 continents through more than 200 connected countries. the most varied and so you can grasp many possibilities. Testimony is the photo that in the last edition became the most iconic of the Giro d’Italia: that of the then winner Egan Bernal in crisis on the Sega di Ala climb and supported by his wingman between two wings of the crowd. Thanks, too, to this photo, the ascent of Sega di Ala is today projected in the imagination of all cyclists as an indispensable destination “.

And the territory will also be the protagonist for the presence of the village with sponsors, the international press and numerous special guests who will accompany the preparation of the arrival and departure of the athletes.

Technical inspections are scheduled for the next few days preparers for the final development of the stage, which in any case will maintain the necessary health rules, such as green pass, where necessary, masks and spacing.

The last Giro d’Italia that touched the Valsugana dates back to 1988; after 34 years, therefore, again a great challenge, which will include not only the race, but also many collateral events that aim to involve many local players, schools, associations and of course citizens and bicycle lovers.

The presentation, in the presence of the president of the Autonomous Province of Trento Maurizio Fugatti, the CEO of Trentino Marketing Maurizio Rossini, the presidents of the Apt Valsugana Lagorai Denis Pasqualin and of the Apt Alpe Cimbra Nicola Port.

During the press conference, moderated by the head of the press office of the Province Giampaolo Pedrotti, Mauro Vegni, director of the Giro d’Italia, spoke via video link and commented on the technical and organizational aspects. In the audience other institutional representatives: the mayors of Levico Gianni Beretta, of Lavarone Isacco Corradi, of Caldonazzo Elisabetta Wolf, of Pergine Roberto Oss Emer, the deputy mayor of Borgo Valsugana Luca Bettega, the commissioner of the community of Valle Pierino caresia and the presidents of the Coni Trentino Paola Mora and the Fci Trentino Giovannina Collanega.
“We are happy and proud that our territories are involved in this very important sporting event”, said President Fugatti, “these are demanding stages, which from an environmental and tourist point of view have many peculiarities that combine sport and territorial vocation. They certainly require an organizational effort from the whole Trentino system, but this does not catch us unprepared, we are ready to accompany the Giro d’Italia in this challenge and we want to do it in the best possible way, also from the point of view of hospitality and welcome. to sportsmen, their companions and the public who will want to be present. “Recalling the Sega di Ala that made you discover a little-known glimpse of Trentino, Fugatti recalled that our territory has many places to explore and the 2022 stages can be the opportunity to make them discover. “However, there must be the will of the territory. From the beginning and up to the end of this path, the message I would like to convey is that of a territory that works jointly so that the stage can succeed and the unity of all municipal administrations emerges, from Tonale to Lavarone, up to Borgo Valsugana ” added the president.

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