here is the great gift that the Holy Spirit brings us

We are all weak and full of temptations, so we must often invoke the Holy Spirit to work. And the Holy Father shows us how to do it and what spiritual benefits it brings us.

Pope Francis’ cycle of catechesis on the Letter to the Galatians concludes with the affirmation that St. Paul was able to “give voice” to the “silence” of Jesus Christ.

A true Christian does not retrace his steps!

Paolo was “a true theologian, who contemplated the mystery of Christ and passed it on with his creative intelligence“. They was also “capable of exercising his pastoral mission towards a lost and confused community.

She did it “with different methods“, Using from time to time”irony, rigor, meekness“. Paolo di Tarso is a soul that has never “hidden the weaknesses of his character”; his heart was “really dug” dall’“encounter with Christ, to which he responded by spending his entire life “at the service of the Gospel”.

St. Paul never conceived “a Christianity with irenic features, devoid of bite and energy. On the contrary, it has “defended the freedom brought by Christ with a passion that up to now moves, especially if we think of the suffering and loneliness that he had to endure”.

His Letter to the Galatians manifests his call to this people “to that freedom, which freed them from every form of slavery, because it made them heirs of the ancient promise and, in Christ, children of God”.

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Freedom which, at the very least, is not at all equivalent to “libertinage, nor does it lead to forms of presumptuous self-sufficiency. In reverse – underlined the Holy Father – Paul placed freedom in the shadow of love and established its consistent exercise in the service of charity”.

This vision is posed “in the horizon of life according to the Holy Spirit, who fulfills the Law given by God to Israel and prevents them from falling back into the slavery of sin”.

The temptation is always that of “go back to feel safer ma ”Christians are not backward people“, Nor that, merely respecting the law, neglect”the new life of the Spirit” that “it can only be lived in Christian freedom”.

The Spirit makes us free

The conclusion of this cycle of catechesis, the Pontiff said, leads to a “dual attitude“. On the one hand, we are driven by our freedom to “walk according to the Spirit”. On the other, “we are aware of our limitations“, In particular how difficult it is to be”docile to the Spirit”.

Perceiving one’s own weakness makes us feel “discouraged” e “sometimes marginalized with respect to the lifestyle according to the worldly mentality“. St. Augustine described this inner conflict well, meditating on the Gospel of the calmed storm (Mc 4,35-41): «Christ’s faith in your heart is like Christ in the boat. You listen to insults, you tire, you are upset, and Christ sleeps» (Speeches 163/B 6).

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Like the apostles, “we must awaken Christ in our heart and only then will we be able to contemplate things with his gaze, because He sees beyond the storm”.

St. Paul reminds us that “we cannot afford any weariness in doing good“. To overcome our weakness, the best way is to learn to “invoke the Holy Spirit more often“: It is, the Pope said, a”spontaneous prayer” that “comes from his heart”.

In the “moments of difficulty“, The Spirit is asked:”You come!. It can be done, Francis recalled, in particular through the invocation that is recited at Pentecost: “Come, Holy Spirit, / send us from heaven / a ray of your light! …“. Recite this prayer, Bergoglio concluded, “it will help us to walk in the Spirit, in freedom and in joy”.

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