Attention to the mortgage: for those who can change the installment

Attention to the mortgage: for those who can change the installment
Attention to the mortgage: for those who can change the installment

The economic crisis at the gates, at least according to what is reported by the latest compass drawn up by Crif and MutuiSupermarket, it would not at the moment be discouraging those who have decided to invest in the brick anyway.

In the second half of 2021, real estate sales would have risen by 73.4%. It seems that the reasons for this surge are to be found in the still interesting costs of housing, at least of some of them that are found in specific geographical areas in which this trend can be observed. Second, but not least, reason is represented by the still encouraging conditions of the taxi applied to mortgages. A situation which, however, should soon change and indeed undergo a turnaround.

In recent months, the formula of fixed-rate financing for the purchase of a property had outclassed the variable-rate one (as many as 94% of those looking for loans online). In fact, for a long time, as reported by The print, a fixed rate mortgage for example of 140 thousand euros on a property in Milan worth 220 thousand euros has remained below the 1% threshold in its synthetic cost index. At these levels, by now, it is possible to find only a few sporadic offers on the sites that collect the banking proposals.

Beyond the now rare best offers, peaks of up to 1.93% are even reached with a limiting case at 2.18%. L’EurIrs, or the benchmark of fixed rate loans, as regards the twenty-year mortgage, reached 0.65% in October, starting last January from a zero base with lots of long negative phases. At the moment the total cost of the loan holds up without exploding, mostly due to the fact that the spread applied by the banks remains low, with 0.2% on fixed rates and 0.9% on variables.

“The banking system continues to guarantee access to home credit at very low prices, but the situation on the interest rate front could start to change over the next few months”, announces the CEO of Stefano Rossini. The reference is in particular to the surge in EurIrs. In fact, since August, fixed-rate mortgages have risen by 0.30%.“However, this increase has been partially and unevenly acknowledged to date by the product offers on the market”, says the expert.

The hoped-for, but at the moment decidedly not very concrete, improvement in economic prospects and the progressive increase in EurIrs will lead to an inevitable increase in the cost of mortgages, continues Rossini. Certainly theinflation at 4.1% recorded in October, it has already sent a jolt to a first spread, that is, that of Italian bonds over Germans. With the end of the liquidity injection policy, given that the EU is already closing the taps, concretely initiating a crisis that has been announced for some time, things could get complicated. According to experts, however, the impact on the brick would be at least initially not very disruptive (1% -1.5%), given the prospect of a return to real estate investment as a form of fighting inflation itself.

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