European markets on stand-by. Focus on quarterly

European markets on stand-by. Focus on quarterly
European markets on stand-by. Focus on quarterly

(Teleborsa) – It moves under the banner of caution the session of the main European stock exchanges. The Milan stock exchange also aligns itself with the prevailing caution in Europe, and trades on the parity line. On the macroeconomic front, Italian industrial production grew above expectations in September. In the meantime, the quarterly season gets underway. Among the main Piazza Affari companies that released the data today, Mediaset recorded a jump in profit to 273.8 million euros in the 9 months of 2021, ACEA showed double figures for revenues and profits in the 9 months of 2021, Terna a 9-month profit of 580.4 million and Banca Mediolanum a 9-month profit of 376 million.

Weak session for the Euro / US Dollar, trading with a drop of 0.34%. Gold fell slightly to $ 1,826.1 per ounce. Caution prevails on the oil market, with oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil) continuing the session with a slight drop of 0.50%.

The spread leaps up, positioning itself at +115 basis points, with an increase of 3 basis points, with the yield of the ten-year BTP equal to 0.83%.

Among the European lists neglected Frankfurt, which remains stuck on the eve of the eve, modest performance for London, which shows a moderate increase of 0.52%, and disappointing Paris, which settles just below the levels of the eve.

No significant change for the Milanese price list, with the FTSE MIB settling on the eve of 27,448 points; on the same line, the FTSE Italia All-Share, which continues the session at 30,120 points, on the eve of levels, is colorless.

FTSE Italia Mid Cap fell (-1.04%); as well as the FTSE Italia Star in red (-1.42%).

Among the best Blue Chips of Piazza Affari, highlighted by Terna, with a large increase of 1.66%.

Positive trend for A2A, which advanced by a discrete + 1.49%.

Well bought Telecom Italia, which marks a strong increase of 1.46%.

Snam is up by 1.32%.

The strongest sales, on the other hand, are seen on Moncler, which continues trading at -2.64%.

Banca Generali slips, with a clear disadvantage of 2.34%.

Black session for Tenaris, which leaves a loss of 2.26% on the table.

In free fall STMicroelectronics, which sinks by 2.19%.

Among the protagonists del FTSE MidCap, Mediaset (+4,36%), Alerion Clean Power (+3,64%), ERG (+2,20%) e IREN (+2,19%).

The strongest sales, on the other hand, are seen on Ferragamo, which continues trading at -5.93%.

Heavy Tod’s, which marks a drop of -5.87 percentage points.

A dramatic session for Reply, which collapsed by 3.73%.

Significant losses for Sanlorenzo, down 3.05%.

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