Pellegrini, priority to Rome: gym and rest to return to Genoa – As Roma football news – Interviews, photos and videos

Pellegrini, priority to Rome: gym and rest to return to Genoa – As Roma football news – Interviews, photos and videos
Pellegrini, priority to Rome: gym and rest to return to Genoa – As Roma football news – Interviews, photos and videos

The Roma player, still struggling with joint discomfort, will try to recover as soon as possible to return to Mourinho’s disposal for Marassi’s match

The national team will remain a regret, because to Lorenzo Pilgrims he would have liked to have been there against Switzerland, in his stadium. There Roma, however, it is a priority. And for this reason the Roma captain, who would not be there if they played against Genoa on Sunday, is working tirelessly to recover from the knee inflammation that has been tormenting him for a couple of weeks now. The joint discomfort had already been highlighted following the match with Milan, when Pellegrini, after a conflict with fault in the warm-up, he took the field with a bandage. The Giallorossi captain, who missed the match against Bodo Glimt, would then have had to rest also against Venezia.

Rest is now an obligation. A half-service pilgrim is not enough and does not help. You need one in great shape, so that the Roma can be well driven by its captain. In the coming days Pellegrini’s routine will be focused on two elements: rest and recovery. Work in the gym and physiotherapy sessions will be essential to find Roma number seven as soon as possible. Hope for Mourinho is to be able to call him already in the next championship match against Genoa in Marassi. The Ligurian camp has never been famous for the land in perfect condition, so the recovery of pilgrims must be total, otherwise there could be a relapse. And Roma cannot afford it.

The desire to lend a hand to the team at all costs has already led the midfielder to not fully recover from his knee discomfort last week. For this reason he had to renounce the call-up of Roberto Mancini, who for the second time sees the Roma player slip away from retirement. Last summer Pellegrini would have been part of the Italy champion of Europe, probably also as a starter. Yet, due to an injury in the last few days of the championship, he was forced to watch the European Championship on television. The player took exams at the headquarters of Coverciano, will do more once back to Trigoria, in order to keep under control what, hopefully, may not turn into something more serious than inflammation.

The desire to help the team recover has prevailed. The number seven has chosen to take the field against the Venezia, despite the knee injury still not being disposed of. Just the love for Roma and his desire to get them back in contention for the positions that matter, led Pellegrini not to be too interested in his injury, playing on it and enduring the pain.

Pellegrini is not new to injuries: in the past years he has often had to stop for bruises or muscle pain, which made him very fragile both physically and psychologically. In fact, although this season has started in a great way (eight goals and three assists between league and cup), despite being one of those who cover the field more than all (more than eleven kilometers paths against Venice), the Roma player has not yet managed to definitively consecrate himself as one of the decisive center-fighters of Serie A. Too often he alternates convincing performances with other more evanescent ones, all connected by a single denominator: attachment to the shirt. Now designated heir of Totti and De Rossi, Pellegrini is trying to take the team on his shoulders, trying to make it ‘his’. With fine plays and ball recoveries ‘in the DDR’ style, Mourinho’s favorite midfielder looks like a hybrid between the two former Roma captains. Playing with both of them certainly helped steal a pinch of whimsy from one and a dose of nastiness from the other.

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