Luca Zaia live today: «Who demonstrates put the mask». Increase in infections, is the lockdown back? “The risk is always there.” School: the new rules

Luca Zaia live today: «Who demonstrates put the mask». Increase in infections, is the lockdown back? “The risk is always there.” School: the new rules
Luca Zaia live today: «Who demonstrates put the mask». Increase in infections, is the lockdown back? “The risk is always there.” School: the new rules

Luca Zaia come back live today, Wednesday 10 November 2021, from the Marghera civil protection office for the latest updates on the progress of the pandemic gives Covid in Veneto. The rise of contagion, the situation in the hospitals and the vaccinations with third dose they are at the center of attention these days, as well as the hypotheses of the Government to contain what now seems to all intents and purposes the fourth wave of the Coronavirus. Guests the doctor French Russian, outlining the new school guidelines, and Dr. Paolo Rosi, head of SUEM, which gives an insight into intensive care in Veneto.

Zaia Live

Today’s Covid bulletin

Molecular swabs made to date over 7 million 227 thousand, rapid tests 9 million 644 thousand. New infections in the last 24 hours 931. Incidence at 1.10%. There are 13,609 citizens in solitary confinement today. Victims of the virus 2. Total 330 hospitalized (+11), 273 (+12) in non-critical area, 57 in intensive care (+1).

The situation

We have 15% of the unvaccinated population. We are 7 million 366 thousand vaccinations done to date, in the last 24 hours over 14 thousand inoculated doses. The vaccination is proceeding and we are getting into the heart of the third dose, practiced at 6 months of the second dose. At the end of November we will enter the intense phase of administering the third dose, we will have a surplus of work. The regional average of vaccinated is 84.7%. We are reaching a point of no return, when we reach 85%, if we had had more vaccines initially we probably would have been able to vaccinate more people. Many who do not get vaccinated are exempted, then there are those who are afraid to get vaccinated and those who absolutely do not want to. We need to speak to these last two categories. Among those vaccinated there is less chance of having symptoms or they are mild. There are very few vaccinated people admitted to intensive care.

November 10, 2020 – November 10, 2021

In this table explained by Zaia we see this:

In 2020 we had 50,000 tampons – today 84,000 tampons

In 2020 we had 2776 positives – today 931 positives

In 2020 we had an incidence 5.47% – today 1.10%

In 2020 we had 250 people in ICU – 57 today

In 2020 we had 1,700 hospitalized in a non-critical area – today 330

Increase in positivity

We pay close attention to this increase, which goes hand in hand with the season and the arrival of cold weather. We are certainly worried that this well-done job is not thrown away because of someone. Vaccines are needed, you can see it from the numbers in hospitals. Not getting vaccinated is lawful, we are in a state of freedom, but you have to wear a mask. “We do not make ancillary measures, but I make a pacifying appeal: at least use the protection, the mask, then one can make the protests he wants.” The president reiterated this. “I do not deny – he added – that some interlocutors who today are against the vaccine, a year ago were against masks because they were” dictatorship “”.

Covid, Ricciardi: “We are already in the fourth wave, perhaps worsening in January-February”

Lockdown: Will it return?

With this data we will not go back indoors. But the risk always exists, that of restrictions, of changing the color of the area. It is also an automatism, we could find ourselves closed suddenly, we avoid being restricted because we pull the rope too much. «The choice of the Green pass was made precisely in this direction: to avoid differences in treatment of citizens. And we are not considering such measures, ”he then assured.

Prohibited parades in Padua? Take the challenge: appointment for “the trip” in the center by car

The “model” Austria

I do not know the Constitution of Austria, which decided a lockdown for the unvaccinated, in Italy it seems unconstitutional.

Yellow zone

«Mask also outdoors, activities remain open but the restrictions on the number of people in restaurants return, and it means crossing the threshold that leads to orange and then to red. In addition, the stay in the colored area is two weeks “- said Dr. Russo. “But before the yellow zone we worry about hospitalizations and the situation in hospitals” – added Zaia.

Terapie intensive

Dr. Rosi explained what is happening today in intensive care in the Veneto region. We reached a minimum in July, a recovery until the end of August, a stability for a month and at the end of September the number of places occupied returned to decline, but starting from November we had a sudden restart of the number of beds, returning to the September numbers. Most of the patients are intubated, we have two very serious ones with extra-body oxygenation. At the beginning of September we set up about forty additional Covid beds in our hospitals, we gradually adjust according to how the numbers of patients entering and leaving change. To date, the projections are difficult to make reliable, they are very small variations, the average projection tells us that the number of places occupied should not increase by much, but the range is very wide. Let’s say we expect a rather small increase. The number of Italians hospitalized is increasing, this summer there were 45% of foreigners, today they are 25%.

Inpatient vaccinated or unvaccinated?

By October we had hospitalized 35% of vaccinated and 65% of unvaccinated. In the first 10 days of November we have 81% of unvaccinated inpatients (29) and 19% vaccinated (7 in total). Currently hospitalized are divided as follows in percentage in Veneto: 73% not vaccinated, 27% vaccinated. If we didn’t have the vaccine we would have the same numbers as last year, with 400 people hospitalized in intensive care. In recent months, 84 unvaccinated and 17 vaccinated have died. Mortality is higher in the elderly and the vaccinated deceased were very elderly and affected by other diseases. Under 50 died 5 unvaccinated and none unvaccinated. Not getting vaccinated is like not wearing a seat belt in a car, and the problem is that someone dies every day because they didn’t have a seat belt. We have seen, in recent months, a strong growth in ICU admissions of unvaccinated people, while vaccinated are stable at 4-5 cases per month.

What patients are the vaccinated ones who end up in hospital?

The vaccine does not protect 100%, no vaccine. Most of the patients in intensive care were comorbid, over 80, already pathological, immunosuppressed … I do not exclude that there was someone apparently healthy on whom the vaccine had no effect, but it is whiteflies.

Flight of medical staff from departments at risk of Covid

Today the Cimo hospital union underlines the crisis seen in the emergency room. This is a sign of the times, a few years ago I hired 300 qualified non-specialized doctors, a sensational controversy arose, we must have a slightly more Anglo-Saxon flexibility in management, we need to be more practical – commented Zaia.

Dr. Rosi adds: «This problem concerns the whole of Italy, we have tried to increase the specialty posts in emergency medicine and other areas, the trainees will make an important contribution in the coming years. The risk is that increased workloads will drive other professionals on the run. We are thinking of a new employment of emergency room specialists, with this we are preparing a proposal to be made to the Government with Doctor Flor ».

Third dose to the health workers

It is not scheduled like the other doses, it is not mandatory, someone is waiting to do it, but there is still a flow for the inoculation.

Third dose and serological, that’s why there is no need to do the test before the recall

Schools, infections and quarantines

Dr. Russo explained the new rules for managing quarantines in schools. How does it work from now on? “When a contagion is registered Covid all students stay at home until they take the test, for a maximum of 48 hours. If the kids are all negative, they go back to class. If there are 2 cases in the same class, the others, if vaccinated, remain in the class, otherwise they go to dad. If there are 3 cases the boys all go to distance learning. This excludes the childhood sector, the 0-6 range: when there is a case they are all at home. The age group most affected is that of primary school».

Sentinel schools, how is it going?
“The sentinel schools project continues, we have 69 schools involved, 31223 tests scheduled, 21700 carried out and we found 12 positive students”.

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