We Reading: Auroro Borealo reads Ugly Books

Milano – Thursday 25 November 2021 at 22.00 the Milanese season of We Reading, the unconventional readings with unexpected guests on stage at theApollo Club from Milan.

Milano – As part of the Milano Music Week 2021, the eclectic songwriter Auroro Borealo (pseudonym of Francesco Roggero) brings to the stage a paradoxical anthology entitled Ugly Books with some of the worst literary failures of recent years, collected in the homonymous blog Ugly Books of which he is curator.

Milano – Immediately after the event, the evening continues with the format Holy thursday of the Apollo and the DJ-set by Rollover, Sergio Carnevale (Bluvertigo), Luca De Gennaro.

We Reading as always is a free entry, but the reservation anticipated via Evenbrite. For more information contact the Apollo Club by calling 02 38260176 or 02 38260174.

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Reading Auroro Borealo reads Ugly Books

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